The renewed Dubrovnik – Croatia

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Dubrovnik, is so perfect that it seems a story. A dip in Lokrum nudist beaches, a stroll through the medieval walls and a glass front to the Adriatic. It is an invitation to rest in the summer in this city Croatian.

Photography by Bruce Tuten

Just after crossing the drawbridge of the old city of Dubrovnik, so that one can find the perfect shine of the marble floors, the medieval walls and the beauty of the Croatian city with a touch unreal. Both the court reminiscent of a Disney princess on the Mediterranean. Nobody would say that for almost 20 years the city was besieged, burned and bombed. The memories of the war in the Balkans have succumbed under the sun, and every summer, thousands of people follow the advice of Bernard Shaw (Nobel Irish): “Whoever wants to see the paradise on earth must come to Dubrovnik.

Photography by JorgeBrazil


The Old Town of Dubrovnik (UNESCO world heritage since 1979) shows us the town square. To start the morning is nothing better than starting the day Smuuti Bar, located in this Palmoticeva, 5. It is a place known for its milkshakes and coffee, after this escape to the Adriatic. Every half hour, a boat connects the city with Lokrum, the value is 36 kuna, about 5 euros. A journey of 15 minutes and see this little island paradise nudist.

Photography by lo.tangelini

Pile Gate is the main entrance of the city, showing the Onofrio Fountain, which from 1438 supplied water to Dubrovnik. At the end of the gleaming marble or Stradum Plate, the main road which in antiquity was crossed by Venetians, Turks and Napoleon, stands the Clock Tower. While your right you can see Orlando’s Column, a place from which announced the news to people. A little further back, is the church of San Blas. Luza Square, was built in 1715 to replace the former church that collapsed after an earthquake. On the other hand we can see near the baroque Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin.

Photography by Nigel’s Europe

Coffee Break:

Following the signs that say drink, we get to the Cafe Buza. The whole city is dens with this name in Dubrovnik are two stands on the terrace perfect. Thatched roof, metal chairs with cushions and a calm sea in the background.


Concentrated in the old town, lies War Photo Limited, this in Antuninska 6. Serving from 9.00 to 21.00 for the cost of an entry equal to 4 euros. It is an exhibition of images of war inevitable. On its walls can read the awesome photo story showing the Balkan conflict by the partition of the former Yugoslavia, Tito forged. The lessons of war continue in the magnificent Palace Sponza, located near Luza Square at 10.00 to 22.00 hours (paid the equivalent price of 2 euros), this is a building where it is mixed with the Gothic revival room which houses a tribute to the defenders of Dubrovnik and where the files of the State.

In Dubrovnik, at every step there is something interesting to do with at least two or three centuries old. Do not miss the monument meantime, the museum also presents exhibitions Visia 5D from 9.00 to 22.00 for a ticket for 10 euros. You can learn in a little over half an hour in the history of the city was called Ragusa. You can then visit each of the historical sites with the help of a map.

Another attraction is a walk through walls, letting you enjoy the view of streets, houses and strong serving to defend against incursions Dubrovnik in medieval times. During another attack, the bombing of 1991 on these stunning structures built between the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, many bombs fell. But all the way there is not a rubble as a souvenir.

The Dubrovnik Art Museum, is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 20.00, an exhibit with sculptures and prints.

Where to eat?

To recover the whole journey you can eat at the Atlas Club Nautica, you can eat and spend about 40 euros per person. It is perfect but expensive. It specializes in fish and in view of the strong and Lovrijenac Bokar is the best restaurant in town. Another option is recommended and cheaper at Kovack marojo Dundo, a dinner for two, can be found from about 35 euros.

A good place for a drink is Hard Troubadour Jazz Café in Buniceva Poljana, 2. It seems a more local your terrace, but in this space you can hear jazz and quiet tribute to Sinatra songs.

Discover Dubrovnik in Croatia!

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