The Praia do Rosa (Brazil)

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Praia do Rosa por Bárbara Goy.

Considered one of the most beautiful bays and enchanting the world. Praia do Rosa has several beaches separated by hills and has attractions throughout the year. In summer the warm beaches in winter visit the whales, and about a paradisiacal landscape that is preserved in all its seasons.

Praia do Rosa is a tourist spot that is filled in the months of January and February for thousands of young people who will walk its beaches. It is located in southern Brazil, some 70 kilometers from Florianópolis, reachable by plane and then taking a bus line or bus to Praia and do the same in combination terminal Floripa.

Travel Tips:
Brazil’s beaches often have a reputation for dangerous because it says there are many thefts, in this sense is not as common as people think but it can happen if you leave something in the umbrella can only happen with the crowd getting ripped off. We must therefore take certain precautions, one of which is to leave bags with valuables on the beach. In the inns there is usually no problem, but it is always advisable to lock and not leave a lot of money inside. Similarly, where more conflicts are generated such is the case of renting a villa or because sometimes they get in and steal so much better to go to inns where there are always people watching and things do not happen. In terms of mobility in the center and the beach are not stealing from people, nor is it dangerous to walk through the night.

Tourist Attractions Do Rosa Beach:
It is a chosen and loved by many teenagers and adults from different countries, is located between green hills, lakes and lagoons. Despite being a rural area and fishing, has an extensive tourist-oriented infrastructure, inns, resorts, restaurants are not lacking in this Eden. The cheapest when it comes to accommodation are the inns can be booked before you arrive which would be the idea that if he arrived and has not rather run the risk of having to stay in Florianopolis or somewhere nearby if you have no car long distances and are going to have to move with the microphone line.

Praia do Forte - Florianópolis por Dircinha.

In Praia Do Rosa vehicle is not needed because the distances are short, in the center and in the same area of the pubs and inns are Beleza Pura, Pico da tribe or Sea of Roses, that at night people go to take some more typical drink at dawn and is bowling and everyone starts dancing. There are also several restaurants where you can eat very good food as Asian Tiger, Tucano, Lola, La Rueda, Aquarius, among others.

A few meters from the center we find these beaches are divided by hills and its distribution is as follows: Praia do Rosa, where the south and the north side, along bars and inns where you can take something Brazilian food or eat predominantly fish, crab, shrimp, here is where they concentrate all surfers year after year go with their boards and are installed throughout the summer. Surfing tournaments are held throughout the season where professionals compete everywhere. The other beaches located to the rear sides of the cliffs are: Praia Vermelha, it is accessed only after walks of 30 minutes is highly recommended and not worry that their way is signposted. The other beach is Praia Do light, dreamy sunsets, fishing, surfing, kitesurfing, traking, yoga or a barbecue on the beach, everything is mixed on this beach that brings youth and families.

A 15 km de Rosa we are delighted with the waterfall has natural pools that we recommend for all ages, it is called Zanela married. You can access it after a journey of about 4 km on the lush Atlantic Forest where you get to a large natural pool with waterfall, 20 meters high from where you can make jumping.

It Garopaba City also has beaches where you can choose to spend the day there, has an important commercial center, there are supermarkets, craft fair and a big enough center that can be navigated on foot. The other place close to Praia do Rosa is Ferrugem Garopaba 5 km from here there are beaches that while not as pretty as the above also worth making a pass through here and know the charms also. At night the place is usually more move here usually teenagers will spend the summer in large group of friends that fill ferrugo and give it its bright and youthful touch.

Garopaba - SC por Márcia Werlang.

If you are looking to rest surrounded by an idyllic landscape with beaches, good weather, happiness and tranquility, this is no doubt which option to choose from!

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