The old Italy

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Italy is divided by the north, the country is formed by the Po plain, bounded by the Alps. Is the center of economic activity and has the largest concentration of industrial and agricultural country. In the peninsula, divided longitudinally by the Apennines, the predominant livestock and agriculture, especially cultivation of olive trees and vineyards, which occupy the coastal strip of the south. The Italy includes Sicily and Sardinia island and smaller islands.
Summers are hot especially in the south. Spring and autumn are usually mild. Winter in the south is very dry in the north where it rained quite often. Mountain areas are usually very cold and snowing.

Clothing: Lightweight cotton clothing for summer. During the winter should bring clothing and a raincoat. In the mountains and ski resorts must use clothing for alpine climates.

Religion: Catholic, Protestant and Jewish communities to mature and an immigrant Muslim community growing

Currency: Euro
Population: 57,679,825
Language: Italian
System of Government: Republic

Italy tourist information:
Italy was the cradle of empires and of artistic and philosophical movements that have transformed through history the way of life and thinking of the rest of Europe and the world. The Roman Empire brought under the banner of the bay to various cultures such as Greek or Egyptian, developing a style which samples can be seen, for example in Spain, Britain or Carthage. And if you can see those footprints in other countries is, the more so in its territory, where they are more profusely and in very good condition. The imagination soars and requires only minimal effort to travel to other times to hear the screams from the audience during the battles between gladiators in the arena of the circus, the Christians praying in the catacombs, to the judgments delivered in the debates Senate of the old Empire or feel very close, the big buzz in the old forums.

The Renaissance marked a fundamental change in human thought. In an era of darkness, as was the Middle Ages, is now a time when the man was discovered with other ratios and measures and learn to be the engine of development. This movement also was born in Italy and exhibits artists of that time revolutionary stand, majestic and impressive, both in cities and in natural beauty.

The influence of cultures of other regions of the world have also left their mark on the character of the Italians, a people willing and open to people from other countries. They are friendly, hospitable and cheerful. Also perceived a congenital touch of distinction and elegance in her gestures, the result of its rich historical past.

Walking in Italy there is a sense that the time machine has stopped, making the effect of uniting the past and the present with the sole purpose of causing the most beautiful dreams. Wandering through cities that seem rescued from fairy tales, through the romantic canals of Venice in a gondola while listening to the sounds of sad love songs, contemplating the best works by Michelangelo and Raphael, imagine and feel the violent eruptions of Mount Etna or popular outcry that occurred with the victorious return of Julius Caesar and the impressive Roman legions, all this appears to the traveler who visits Italy. Do not forget that the boot-shaped peninsula lies a magnificent work of art anywhere in the most inhospitable streets of a big city or in a remote village inaccessible. All this and more is therefore not surprising that the Arts has chosen this land full of charm to offer its best face. We invite you to leave captivated by her.

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