The Nazca Lines, historical legacy preincaico

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Nazca Lines - Hummingbird by Foxtrot666.

Located in the desert of Pampa Colorada in Peru (See Hotels in Peru), in an area of over 750 square kilometers, are the Nazca Lines, set of 70 pictures of animals and plants wonderfully perfect that even now bear the mystery not knowing how they were created.

The Nazca lines were discovered in 1927 and since 1994 have been declared World Heritage by the Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Its history dates to between 300 and 1000 BC when the territory development in this period of pre-Inca Nazca culture. The mystery of the Nazca Lines marked since its discovery. To discover the seduction that were made and perfection make it the second most important tourism in Peru, after obviously Cuzco-Machu Picchu, but really how these figures were made and for what? The delineation is simple. 70 drawings are formed by 800 lines and 300 lines geometric shapes, to make them had to remove the dark stones of the desert surface and stacking them on the sides of the grooves that were forming on a strategic high ground with gypsum content.

Nazca Lines - Spider by Foxtrot666.

Among the designs, Excel Monkey, a figure of over 135 meters, this shows the animal with nine fingers and coiled tail. Another key is the spider, 46 feet long, consisting of a network of straight lines is at the edge of a giant trapezoid. Besides, we Hummingbird, famous design that excels in the 66 meters distance between the ends of its two wings, the giant bird, which shows a bird of 300 meters long and 54 wide with strange neck snake and a peak that targets the rising sun. Other designs are no less important are the orca, the condor, lizard, hands, a pelican, dog, wing, owl man, flower, tree and trapezoid.

Some theories suggest that the designs were drawn from long strings or grids are drawn first with drawings based on other theories ranging from it was an astronomical calendar, a running track or place of worship of water. As usually happens in places that a level of mysticism, there are theories that indicate to the Nazca Lines as an extraterrestrial being built them a landing site for UFOs.

For archaeologists and scholars, the functions of the lines are ceremonial and its territory was used for ritual moments where civilizations were covering culture both on the coast, mountains and forests of the country. On those still remain after so many years, experts say that this is due to the weather factor in the area because the heat causes a pressure difference on the surface that prevents wind-blown sediments deposited on the groove and bury forms.

The figures can only be observed either from the height at which to appreciate the lines must rent a journey in some of the planes that provide the services, the same as depending on time and distance of travel ranging from $ 25 per person. From the city of Nazca can take a bus or taxi to take us to the place being recommended noon hour to appreciate them clearly.

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    this shows the animal with nine fingers and coiled tail. Another key is the spider, 46 feet long, consisting of a network of straight lines is at the edge of a giant trapezoid.

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