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Yes Peter the Great were alive, could be called happy, his dream of becoming related reflected Russia with Europe lies in the vicinity of St. Petersburg, the second largest Russian city. In doing so, below are the most interesting tourist places, which we describe.

Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg:

Nestled in the Leningrad Region, formerly was called Petrograd and later and until 1991, Leningrad. That is why today we call it a city of three names. And until their part, trying to fathom the whys of a stylistically European city, occupying a space in the Russian territory.

The Hermitage-Winter Palace /St. Petersburg por baby7.

I often like to mention the resemblance that some cities have with other, perhaps distant indeed. A resort in Egypt comparable to a beach on the coast Canaria, a Spanish shopping center similar to one in Paris, or a similar resort town indeed (according to his romantic aura) to the Italian Venice. Something has also been said of St. Petersburg. In some places it is called the Venice of the North and is even said that could define the entire city as a great monument standing.

Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul:

Surely, when in 1703 the Tsar Peter the Great founded the city (with the intention of converting it into a showcase for the world) did not plan the scope that would years later. Suffice to say that for two hundred years was the capital of Russia, its center was declared a World Heritage Site and is today home to the Russian Constitutional Court.

We will go after verification. And in that test, our tourist trail takes us through palaces, churches, plazas, statues and bridges. If we were to tell you about this town, just arrived here, we could risk that resembles an island. A European island in Russia. We had already developed before but now that I see is much more real. The popular cold distinguishes the Russians, is not based in this area. It is a site that, even that has a lot of people, it is suggested purely tourist. Everything looks like glass and show here for the visit of travelers.

Saint Petersburg, Russia por guillermogg.

And we, like good travelers, we are headed for deep know this city made in mirror. Today we are well coupled to a tourist tour takes us through the most essential sites in this city. Backpacks, water bottles mineral and energy available because here we started walking the city.

We could start the tour of any place since everything has its charm, but it is believed more appropriate to begin the ride by the end of the Winter Palace Square. Why? Mainly for its historical value.

First we might add that this place is next to St. Isaac’s Square and the Sendo, most architectural of central squares. However, this is its main charm us. The data of interest is indicating that this place was consummated in the Russian Revolution.

We might close our eyes to do a little history. The scenery is ready, here before us. Extras (in role of revolutionaries) cross the square, then come to the Winter Palace and overthrew the existing government (played by some little-known actors). Thus Lennin (main actor) is appointed new leader of the Soviet regime. And this scene gets name: “The start of the dictatorship of the proletariat”.

Open your eyes and assimilate that this was not fiction but a real scene that occurred here at this site that can now be visited as a tourist package. Continue. And just a little walking we enter the Hermitage Museum, located in the former Winter Palace of the czars.

For those who love the plastic, this site can be very special. Paintings and many works of art live in the 322 galleries. Objects in the Prehistory of Pharaonic Egypt and Ancient Greece are cast among the three million items described therein.

Now we come to Petrograd to see the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul. The first thing that attract our attention there is a needle that reaches 123 meters high. An angel on the end is one of the most important symbols of St. Petersburg. This is an Orthodox cathedral, built in 1703, from which one can distinguish the ship Aurora, vital link in the assault on the Winter Palace.

After having visited three sites and we are able to know the reason for the comparison with Europe. As in the continent, here is the story breathe. In each place we travel there are places that witnessed that marked the history of the nation.

San Petersburgo - Rusia por Leo Ferrer.

Now we arrived at St. Isaac’s Cathedral, whose main wealth is on display at the golden dome. The interior of the building may be known, rising through the dome. This site is presented as a monument to the grandeur, and as a symbol of nineteenth century architectural beauty.

Now we have to do some sightseeing, outside of history. And so we arrive at the Vasilevsky Island in the Neva River delta. From there we can see the places you just visited (the Winter Palace and the Fortress of St. Peter and St. Paul). In turn, we dare to take a boat trip on the river channels. That revolt can continue feeding on the artistic and cultural heritage, beauty and art, and all you have to offer a city built in mirror.

And since finishing later and we will go shopping and entertainment plan, we can take a stroll along the Nevsky Prospect. Here the program is supported in a visit to shops, cafes and restaurants.

Good Luck!

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