The most beautiful cities in Corfu – Greece

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The most beautiful cities in Corfu

The naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell found this island to be a child and was captivated by her beauty. Today it is still possible to find many of the charms Corfou endangered Mediterranean.

No, not that the beautiful Greek island belongs to the Durrell family, but the late naturalist and writer Gerald Durrell always felt that island as a key piece in his career as a zoologist and conservationist since she discovered the magic of Mediterranean nature, populated by owls, salamanquesas, praying mantis, dolphins, magpies, olive groves and deserted beaches.

Corfu eminent naturalist also helped to develop its enormous human, interacting with characters as peculiar as Dr Teodoro Stefanides or fishermen, farmers and herders who lived and still live in that island of captivating beauty.


Gerald Durrell captures the adventures of three delicious Greek and hilarious book, ‘My Family and Other Animals’,’ Bugs and other relatives’ and ‘The Garden of the Gods’. The trilogy, takes the view that the child Gerry had his bizarre family (comprising, among others, by the then fledgling novelist Lawrence Durrell) and the fascinating landscape of an island paisanaje and so different from England that the gray and unhealthy that a Durrell day decided to flee.

Despite the time elapsed and the boom of tourism, Corfu largely retains many of the charms that spell to Gerald Durrell: pristine waters, coves Recoletas forests, a friendly and hospitable people and a vibrant rural world and yet serene.

Corfu Kerkira is called by the Greeks. It is located along the coasts of Albania and the western part of continental Greece and has 220 kilometers of coastline and its interior is rough and rugged, reaching an altitude of 1000 meters at the top of Mount Pantocrator (literally ‘the all – dominant ‘).
The island is divided geographically into three areas, the northern, mainly dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees, the middle, covered with lush forest and the southern, flatter and less bearing vegetation, but more land suitable for cultivation. Its current name stems from ‘Euskeria’, the island of feacios spend some passages from the Odyssey; Kerkira also was the name of the nymph with the giant Polyphemus begat Faiakas, which mythological descended the ancient inhabitants of the island.
The entire perimeter of the island offers the opportunity to enjoy beautiful beaches, many of which you can only reach on foot or by boat. Among the most popular eye, are not known here masificaciones Benidorm type are, among many others, Jalicunas, Aguiar Stefanos, Kerasia, Paramonas, Mirtiotisa, Mon Repos, Kondokali, Guvia, Nisaki, Paleocastricha, Ermones, Glifada, Limnia, Ai Gordis, Cavos, Benitses …

The island’s capital, Corfu is one of the most beautiful cities in Greece. It stands on the ancient city founded 2,500 years ago, which is interesting monuments like the temples in honor of Hera and Artemis. Although the footprint is very classical, the city has more resemblance to an Italian port city, as for many years Corfu was under the aegis of the Republic of Venice.

Corfu has a great legacy-Byzantine basilica of the church or Paleópolis Sant Espiridon. Venetian footprint can be seen mainly in the old city, with a typically medieval layout and the presence of huge mansions and fortresses. You can enjoy a beautiful view of the city by strolling the Avenue of the port, which would cover the old walls and variegated architecture of the capital island.

The most beautiful cities in Corfu - Greece

The island has a well-deserved reputation as far as cuisine, combined with the excellent ability to produce raw materials (oil, fish, game and fruits and vegetables) with the traditional Greek cuisine and the influence of Italian cuisine.

Others post in of Europe: Bulgaria, the heart of the Balkans and Cyprus, in the midst of two cultures.

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