The most beautiful cathedrals in Spain – Part II

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The most beautiful cathedrals of Spain: Catedral de Bilbao, San Sebastian Cathedral, Cathedral of Barcelona, Tarragona Cathedral, Cathedral of León, Astorga Cathedral, Cathedral of Avila, Zamora Cathedral, Cathedral of Valladolid, Salamanca Cathedral, Cathedral Lugo, Mondoñedo Cathedral, Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de Pamplona, Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada in La Rioja.


Photography by Gill Rickson

Continuing the second part of Spain’s most beautiful cathedrals, we present the final list.

Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de Pamplona:

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Real de Pamplona is a Gothic church built during the fifteenth century. It is located on the site occupied by the Romanesque cathedral, and even earlier, possibly, the capitol of the Roman city in what is now Old Town City.

Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, La Rioja

The Cathedral of Santo Domingo de la Calzada was initiated in 1158 in the Romanesque style. In the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries underwent various changes to present its current appearance. Stresses the head Romanesque and Baroque tower.

Cathedral of Bilbao:

Bilbao’s Cathedral is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the Basque Country. Built between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, offers a modest size but very elegant inside.

San Sebastian Cathedral:

San Sebastian Cathedral is the Church of the Good Shepherd who was elevated to that category after creating the Diocese of San Sebastian. It is a great nineteenth-century neo-Gothic building.

San Sebastian Cathedral

Photography by dynamosquito

Barcelona Cathedral:

The most visited cathedrals in Catalonia is a building started in 1298 and completed in 1420. It has three large ships of similar height, the sides somewhat lower. The clerestory is replaced by small windows.

Tarragona Cathedral:

Tarragona Cathedral is a temple of transition from Romanesque to Gothic. Canned Porta Romana, but the inside is basically Gothic.

León Cathedral:

The Cathedral of Leon is the most “Gothic” from Spain. Its builders summarized most of the progress of the great French Gothic. The bright color of their windows are a delight for the eye and soul.

Astorga Cathedral:

Astorga Cathedral now is late Gothic style (started in 1471) on the previous Romanesque church that was to be of great beauty for the remains that are scattered in the current building.

Astorga Cathedral

Photography by Vittis from Lithuania

Cathedral of Avila:

Avila Cathedral boasts of one of the oldest Gothic churches in Spain. It really is built at a Roman currents merged with the new French Gothic air.

Cathedral of Zamora:

Despite the reforms and amputation, the Cathedral of Zamora has some of the most important elements of Spanish Romanesque architecture, like the façade of the Puerta del Obispo and its dome gallon.

Valladolid Cathedral:

Valladolid’s Cathedral is a building designed by Juan de Herrera in the Renaissance style, but his successors baroque language used in subsequent phases. Despite that, never completed.

Valladolid Cathedral

Photography by tnarik

Salamanca Old Cathedral:

Fortunately, when the New Cathedral was built largely respected this Romanesque church, one of the most important in Spain. Your Torre del Gallo is the most beautiful dome Spanish.

Lugo Cathedral:

Despite reforms and added secular Gothic cathedral is primarily Romanesque Lugo. Of all the beautiful cover the north is a delight for its rich sculpture.

Mondoñedo Cathedral:

Mondoñedo Cathedral is the least known of Galicia. And it is not without interest for the lover of medieval art, it is basically a building belonging to the “Gothic Romance”.

Good trip to Spain!

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