The Maldives Paradise Islands

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The Maldives is the perfect place for your holiday trip, here is a small archipelago of islands formed from coral origin, surrounded by a sea of deep blue, pristine waters and the shade of thousands of coconut trees. The Maldives is a country located in the Indian Ocean to South Asia, with humid tropical climate with constant temperatures average 25 degrees year round, is the Asian country with the least amount of population. The capital of Maldives is the city of Malé and the country’s main activity is fishing and in recent years has increased the tourist trade. This country has created a work activity in other industrial areas of the country, the mayor has generated a Foreign exchange earnings into the coffers of the country, why were built about ninety resorts to meet the high demand of passengers arriving the archipelago for their holidays.

The Maldives Paradise Islands

The Maldives offer tourists who visit, like many lovely natural areas pristine tropical islands, abundant marine life, very beautiful white sand beaches and lagoons of breathtaking turquoise waters, which makes us think that this is paradise on earth, tourists visiting these islands not break disappointed.
The Maldives are considered one of the important destinations for scuba divers, who come to it, attracted by the extraordinary beauty of its coral reefs and wide variety of underwater life. Management policies of the tourist activity take special care of regulatory compliance to care for their natural resource islands and the underwater environment. Due to the lack of local resources to meet the needs of tourists, the government is obliged to import all the products to meet the demand for these so that the prices of tourist services are high but is offset to give the high quality service.

But despite the restrictive measures towards mass tourism, success is evident as it constantly increases the number of visitors and the impact on the natural and social environment is minimal. The Maldives is a tourist destination that should be considered in its travel program for a dream vacation, which is a natural paradise remains intact and is the delight of divers from around the world, you will be entranced by the beauty of the barriers coral and exotic underwater life.

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These are the places where you can make the best dives:
North Male Atoll, Ari Atoll, Halaveli Wreck, ukul Thila, Broken Rock, South Male Atoll, Atoll Foteio feline and Kandu.

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