The island of Sardinia in Italy

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The island of Sardinia has a heart of rough high mountain oak and curds of a crown of golden sandy beaches and sea caves where the water becomes litmus. Its inhabitants have been sullen with the invaders since time immemorial, which has earned a justified reputation for rebellion that has nothing to do with the warm welcome that awaits the traveler in this respect and fragrant wild piece of land.

The most hidden and old Sardinia is Barbagia. Divided into four districts, the Barbagia is a paradise of mouflon, wild boar and birds of prey, a land where the pastors have always been the kings have stood with pride and autonomy, from Roman times to the era of fascist Italy. Good evidence is Orgosolo, a small mountain village where the walls and rocks of the town and surroundings are covered by beautiful murals assertive with a strong touch to Guayasamín.

In Barbagia are numerous remains of the culture Nuraghic, typical of the Bronze Age, characterized by the construction of huge megalithic tombs known as “graves of giants.” The Sardinian prehistoric left, also a fascinating and mysterious legacy in the form of conical stone towers that are spread throughout the island and about four bronze statues of reminiscences Celtic representing human figures and animals sensitive bill.

The roots of the Sardinian culture have been preserved in Barbagia as pagan festivals like the carnival (you know the town of Mamoiada), the beautiful costumes that are used mostly at parties and weddings, and a production craft of great interest. Nuoro, sarule, Olzai, Aritzo … More than a dozen people surrounded by lush forests await travelers to give you unexpected landscapes, a typical Mediterranean hospitality and a history that is rooted in the natural surroundings. We must not leave this land without tasting its wonderful cheeses and sausages, made by artisans and the magnificent roast pork and lamb spit in live fire and flavored with myrtle, rosemary and thyme.

The coast of Sardinia retains much of its length of a virginal, as if had found Phoenicians arrived to the island around 230 BC. Over that mountain people of the coast (perhaps because of the sea came all invaders), Sardinians too never looked to the sea, and perhaps why its coastline remains virtually intact, free from the skyscrapers and housing colonies that abound in other of the Mediterranean.

You may have more sites devoted to Sardinia is the Mediterranean city of Alghero and the plains of the Nurra. Alguer has long been a city belonging to the Crown of Catalonia and Aragon, and even today retains its pride as a main feature of Catalan identity. The city enters the sea on a rocky spur and is entirely surrounded by a wall that defends the sea waves. A beauty beyond all doubt, Alguer is surrounded by a no less beautiful landscape of hills and gentle mountains covered with thick forest. Also the seabed of the town with forests, and to them its name, since under the waters that caress your wall grows in abundance in an ocean sea plant whose leaves in the form of tape backrest area beaches after winter storms.

A few miles from the spectacular Alguer is Capo Caccia, a triangle is calcareous abyss of the sea and offers an intoxicating landscape. The site is well visited because of the Grotto of Neptune, accessible either by boat or by 656 steps of stairs Cabirol.

Further north is Stintino, a district inhabited by the fishermen is also possible to find deserted beaches and scenery evocative as that offers the hair or the Capo Falcone.

These lands linked to the sea have developed a simple kitchen where fresh fish and seafood make up the backbone of gastronomy: crab, dates of sea, octopus, lobsters, mullet bottarga of … These fruits of the Mediterranean should regarlos one of the great wines of the area, like a white Nuragus powerful or Mandrolisai, ideal to accompany any dish Sardinian.

Good luck in Italy!

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