The historical legacy of Valladolid

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Plaza Zorrilla, Valladolid (Spain) HDR por marcp_dmoz.

Spain’s interior provinces and cities is a great value for tourism, architecture and culture, and one of those provinces, where nothing is lacking is Valladolid, is one of the provinces in the autonomous community of Castilla y Leon with excellent hotels in Valladolid located northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

Valladolid province bounded on the north by the provinces of Burgos, Palencia and Leon, on the west by Zamora, Salamanca and Avila to the south and the province of Segovia to the east. Also, the province of Valladolid has a total of 225 municipalities and its capital is the city of Valladolid, located in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

The city retains its old historical center that is composed of houses, palaces, churches, plazas, avenues and parks, plus a hefty cultural heritage, which can be found in the city, however it is in the capital of which is one of the most important sculpture museums of Europe and a set of works that make up an important historical and artistic heritage.

It is in the city of Valladolid, where he made some very prominent celebrations in Spain, such as Easter and the Valladolid International Film Festival of Valladolid, among others, but is within the province where there is an exquisite cultural heritage and natural world tourists visit each year.

CASTILLO DE LA MOTA ( Medina del Campo) por abuelamalia49.

Since in this province set up the capital of the Castilian court and the former imperial capital during the reigns of Charles V, Philip II and Philip III, it is difficult to explain why there are so many castles throughout the region that sometimes are accompanied by incredible strengths, in fact, there are many castles in the province of Valladolid which happens to be one of Europe’s highest number of such buildings and constructions that, in many cases are being reformed and improved for use as a tourist attraction.

Among the most impressive castles in the province of Valladolid are: the Castillo de la Mota, Medina del Campo, but in total thirty buildings are located throughout the province, just to name a few: Castromembibre Castle, Castillo de Peñafiel , Castle and Castle Bottom Up, Curiel de Duero, Castle and Encinas Canillas de Esgueva, Foncastín Castle, Castle Fuensaldaña, Castillo de Fuente el Sol Castillo de La Mota, Montealegre Castle, Castillo de Portillo Castillo San Pedro de Latarce, Tordehumos Castle, Castle Torrelobatón, Castle of Trigueros del Valle, of Esgueva Villafuerte Castle, Castle Villagarcia Campos Villavellid Castle, Castle of Simancas, Castillo de Villalba de los Alcores and Castle Barcial de la Loma.

Castillo por duendecillo.

In the province of Valladolid, specifically in the capital of the lived historical figures of global significance, history and culture as Miguel de Cervantes and Christopher Columbus and that’s why the houses they inhabited have become museums where history and culture come together. But there are many other museums throughout the province which are very long list, but that if all express the history, art and science.

All this in a whole is the historical legacy that leaves us Valladolid!.

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