The Croatian capital Zagreb

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, and although it is less visited when going to this country, it’s worth. Seems unattractive for entry, but the final conclusion is that this is a city with many charms.

It is divided into Donji Grad, Gornji Grad and lower town, the upper town. If you think we start with the bottom, where we find large palaces nouveau. In this area, walking among museums, plazas and gardens that will make your trip more enjoyable, but remember that you are in the modern city and the best is yet to come.

I ♥ Zagreb por marin.tomic.

Donji Grad is the area of the executives of the department stores and really hectic life of any capital, but here with the tram full of charm. I advise you to pasees to the funicular station, built in 1891 and uploaded.

They are only 60 meters uphill, booting from a slope and you will notice that nothing comfortable seating made of wood. Yes, you save an uphill climb and live the experience of a funicular Croatian.

When you arrive at Gornju Grad completely changes the atmosphere. Feel the calm of its medieval red brick streets, silence and tranquility. Pass by the Church of Sveti Marko, the thirteenth century with a roof drawing colors. In this neighborhood and you will not miss a street to another without realizing it, to discover something different from each step.

Opaticka on the street is Cafe Zabica, and evidence for a coffee with cream. This site opened 150 years ago and with its upholstered sofas think that you’re in the era of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Not many people usually go, so this is a quiet place to rest a little.
Without knowing how, go to the Stone Gate, the ancient entrance to the city. Arches and a small chapel that holds the image of a Madonna surrounded by candles left by the faithful. When I say surrounded by candles, say many candles. Tourists stop to take pictures …

Two interesting streets in this part of Zagreb are Radiceva and Tkalciceva, the first being the finest galleries in the city, the second is full of small houses surrounded by pastel-colored flowers from spring. On this street there are bars, restaurants with terraces, galleries of young artists and artisans. Tkalciceva the street is certainly the most animated of the city.

Nearby is the district Kaptol you have to go to see the Cathedral of Sveti Stjepan needles with high neo-gothic lit at night that seem flames falling from the sky. Walk some of the streets are full of Kaptol because houses of the seventeenth century, really beautiful. Then walk through the Market Dolac, full of shades of colors of the sun to protect sellers of eggs, cheeses, home villages and even fish from the islands.

In late May, held in Zagreb on “Cest is d’best”, a festival that brings the streets of the capital of street artists, mimes, jugglers and actors from around the world.
In another summer festival dedicated to cutting-edge theater: Eurokraz.

Show por Mirna Oliveira.

A city that lives the culture by sharing with the whole world, and is in Zagreb that there are many festivals throughout the year. We notice that Zagreb is a place where young people are the protagonists of the new energy that breathes the city. A city friendly and love to one hundred percent.

Good Luck!

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