The city of eternal spring in the Dominican Republic

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The Dominican Republic is certainly one of the best tour of the planet. Especially attractive beaches, climate, and those hotels with all inclusive so you do not have to worry about anything. But if you like is what you get away from the hustle and bustle, while still hear great place, I recommend you go to Jarabacoa, a valley at 500 meters altitude, with a very pleasant climate and rich landscape of flowers, fruits and the best coffee in the country. From the capital, Santo Domingo, takes about three hours to arrive, but please note that you will reach the heart of the island.

Jarabacoa is the ecological capital. In this area of La Vega, the Yaque River flows, the longest in the Caribbean, traveled 300 kilometers. With this river, it is normal that all economic activity and tourism is concentrated around them. In fact, in the Taino language, Jarabacoa means “place of many waters.”

You may sports rafting, mountain climbing and the Pico Duarte, the highest in the West (3000 m) and abseiling. You can also practice with a paragliding instructor and lanzarte enjoying a flowery landscape.

In this region you can visit coffee plantations, and horseback ride through the beautiful landscapes that uncover. Or you can change the horse for a mountain bike and practice bike.

Make a trip to the waterfalls: Jimenoa breaks and Baiguate. By road, although access is difficult. Once at the entrance to leave the car and continued walking. You will pay at the entrance, but not much, it calculates a couple of euros. In this tour we will travel a path with bridges to reach the waterfall. There are signs prohibiting swimming, but watch more than one in the water, so if you feel like you do not cut it.

If you’re in luck you’ll have time because of carnival in the area of Valle de la Vega held some of the most traditional carnivals in the Dominican Republic. In Jarabacoa some prefer to stay without starving suit. If I say it is because of hunger in some cases exceed the suits cost 1000 euros, so I imagine far this fast.

We recommend this place to spend a few days of rest or to make a getaway if you travel to the Dominican Republic. Not bad switch the beach and the strain with the tourist haven of peace in these mountains. In this valley, the de la Vega, living more or less about 70 thousand people, so you will not find any agglomeration.

Certainly not hesitate to go because they say it is the fastest growing tourist destination on the island, but currently is only those sites that choose to spend your vacation Dominicans.

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