The city Alcoy

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Alcoy is well known all over Spain as a city with many bridges.

Alcoy stands upon a singular relief of ravines which have been carved out by several rivers, offering its visitors a spectacular orography The history of urbanism in Alcoy goes back to the l3th century when the Christians came to repopulate the town; they used the river banks as natural defensive barriers. The same rivers, that had protected the town in the past, were very useful for developing an incipient textile and paper industry. The local industry soon adopted European technical breakthroughs to use watermills to provide energy for the new factories.

However, Alcoy’s singular geography didn’t help the commercialization of its manufactured goods, so the locals racked their brains and built a network of bridges to solve the communication problem. Today these bridges are a testimony of the evolution of the town, viaducts of different styles and architectonical varieties which show the effort and tenacity of the people who knew how to overcome their natural limitations.

For most tourists the city of Alcoy in the interior of the Costa Blanca will be little known. Alcoy is a medium sized city “some 61.307 inhabitants” located at the east in Alicante Province of Spain, It has an area of 129.9 km), creating a confluence beyond the city limits and forming the river Serpis, otherwise known as riu d’Alcoi, which meanders through hilly terrain all the way to its mouth, by Gandía, on the Mediterranean.

The weather in Alcoy is mostly warm and sunny all year round and the town enjoys a fabulous temperate Mediterranean climate with hot summers and mild winters. While Alcoy is generally cooler than its coastal neighbours, being in a mountainous area it still has a pleasant climate.

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