The charm of the Belgian city of Bruges

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The city of Bruges is a city where most of the wealth of Belgium, Bruges is its capital, considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe. It also says it’s like a open air museum, for its aesthetic beauty. Visiting us trace the children’s stories, where magic is possible.

The charm of the Belgian city of Bruges

Photography by Andrea Guerra

The beauty of a city like Bruges, his art, the beautiful ornamentation of its buildings, a veritable museum street, the dazzling warmth of their carcasses, romantic stroll through the medieval streets known as the Venice of the north due to the large number of canals running through the city and the beauty of them. Its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

In addition, Bruges has several museums, including the Archaeological Museum, Museum City Hall, the Freedom Museum, Memling Museum, San Juan Hospital, Museum of Our Lady of the Potteries, St-Janshuis Molino, Molino Koelewei, Folklore Museum, The Museum Groening Museum of Fine Arts community.

There are two ways to travel around Bruges or through their channels where you can admire the architecture of the city and the windmills, or taking a bike ride and walk the streets past the Burg and Markt squares epicenter of the city. To rest the best is going to have some beers somewhere Beertje Brugs typical as one of the most popular breweries in more than 200 types of wine.

Bruges Tours:

Minnewater Lake:

LakeMinnewater Minnewater lake or lake of love is a beautiful lake located south of the city of Bruges in the old town. With pleasant surroundings with parks and many species of trees that are reflected in its waters, also has beautiful black-necked swans and other bird species.

Groene Rei:

Reil Groene famous canals that cross the city of Bruges, Bruges make fully deserves the nickname “Venice of the north. Groene Rei or Spring Green is one of the piers where the boats come into the Dijver. Accumulate in this area as many local restaurants in Bruges, where you can taste the famous mussels and chips while your eyes are deployed to excellent views of the skyline around the historic city.

Tourists Attractions in Bruges

Photography by DymphieH

The Plaza Mayor:

The main square in Bruges center are the Plaza Mayor, Markt Platz, next to the Burg square is Presedo by the statue in memory of local heroes and located opposite the Provincial Hall. The Tower Hall, 1248, is the emblem of the city’s most photographed his appearance. Covering the other side, the Provincial Palace of the nineteenth century and right opposite the Tower Hall are the Flemish houses built between the XVI and XVII.

Notre Dame Church in Bruges:

Church Notre Dame Church Notre Give it to me and Our Lady of Bruges is a medieval tower 122 meters high and is the highest tower in Bruges. Church of Our Lady, at the corner of the street Dijvers. Vrouwekerk is popular, where the Virgin and Child, attributed to Michelangelo. This corner and the street Dijvers form one of the most beautiful photographs and the historical center of Bruges, as along the street you can see the artists work and chocolate vendors across the channel, while all around them lift the stone walls so typical of these cities almost medievale

Burg Square:

The Plaza Burg of Bruges is linked by a small alley, the Breidelstraat, the Plaza Mayor. It’s another beautiful square of this town in Flanders where they are located among other historical buildings, the Palace of Justice, the Probostía, the Basilica of Holy Blood and the City.

tours to Bruges

Photography by Londo Mollari

Canals and Bridges:

The city has more than 50 bridges. It is common around the city by bike, horse-drawn carriage or by boat through its canals. As Amsterdam and Stockholm, Bruges is known as the Venice of the north by the many beautiful canals that cross it.

Belgian Cuisine:

The production of fine chocolates is one of the prides of the Belgian people. You’ll also find the richest waffles, Belgian specialty.

Belgian Cuisine

Photography by love?janine

Bon voyage!

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