The charm of Maranhão to Brazil

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The charm of Maranhão to Brazil

The attractive stranger at the Brazilian northeast. Sierras, dunes, sea and a World Heritage Site. As one of the states of northeastern Brazil, to Maranhao no shortage of shelters.

Idyllic where you look at it, surprises popping one after another in every ride, every trip, thanks to tourism here is not concrete: its beaches, jungle and the colonial city of Sao Luis, no resorts luxury or neon lights that distort the essence of a visit Maranhão. And what is this essence? It’s the rustic, the discovery of place through nature and everyday strangely intact in their cities and villages, he could stop to take a picture of an artisan street without it, in return, get a real snapshot, of sit and drink a beer (Bohemia and Skol among the best in a long list of delicious frothy options) in a bar or restaurant in any usual meet local fishermen sailing in precarious boats powered by sails of canvas or plastic , unlike other places in Brazil, have no printed advertising cell phone companies, oil companies or financial.

the Brazilian northeast

Four destinations in Maranhao miss. One of them, perhaps the least promoted unfairly, compared to the wonders of the rest, is the Chapada das Mesas, in the southern region of the state and very far from the sea. There, amid the impressive rock formations and canyons surrounded by jungle (or forest, as they say in Portuguese) are discovered dozens of cachoeiras or waterfalls (the most prominent are those of Santa Barbara, Pedra Itapecuruzinho and Fall, the latter with a jump 50 m in height) with pools that invite constant incredible dives in clear water in the midst of utter solitude, and streams of golden sand that zigzag between the tropical green. Carolina, and Imperatriz Riachao are small towns with little infrastructure but comfortable accommodation, restaurants and lojas (local) handicrafts, which are the basis for a course that will reward more than the trip.

Like so many other Brazilian cities, Sao Luis is the result of colonial struggles. The French founded the Daniel de la Touche in 1612 but was immediately invaded by the Dutchmen, who lost against the kingdom of Portugal after three years of war in 1644.

Sao Luis To enjoy the best is to walk the narrow streets in unevenness, admiring the colorful houses decorated with ancient tiles that give the nickname “City of Tiles, balconies and roofs blackened orange over the years into tens of handicraft shops or stopping to chat with artisans street … And for the night between Wednesday and Sunday, enjoy the cuisine Maranhão (shrimp stew, soup of coconut milk, rice Cuxa, chicken caipira and others) in bars that display ancient streets and sidewalk tables accompanied with live music for After fun in pubs overflowing with joy with rates ranging from reggae to forró, through the samba, bossa and Brazilian popular music or MPB.

Three hours by bus from Sao Luis or 45 minute flight for four passengers, is the town of Barreirinhas. Rustic, small, with only two paved roads and the remaining sand is a gateway to other havens of Maranhao: Two Lencois National Park, a stunning landscape of 150,000 hectares of sand dunes up to 30 m high, which feet are so many thousands of lakes emerald green.

Brazil fascinated people around the world: football, beaches and nature, culture, the joy of his people and much more. But there are still treasures untouched. The most exciting of these secrets is the state of Maranhão. Every bit of Maranhão reveals new surprises. Two Lençóis National Park is the only desert in the world that shelters thousands of lakes of crystal clear water in a scene indescribable. Another beauty is the Forest of the twins, the gateway to the Amazon, an ecological sanctuary inhabited by the coyote, a bright red bird that gives its name to the place. The Chapada das Mesas is further proof that nature is passionate about Maranhão: in this landscape of rock formations and lush vegetation will reveal dozens of waterfalls, an invitation for leisure damning terms for adventure. Then there’s Sao Luis, the capital, gateway to the state. His invaluable historical and architectural heritage, the expressiveness of its popular culture and hospitality of its people captivate visitors dazzled by sources, stairs and tiled houses.

Cachoeira do Prata por deltafrut.

Good Luck to four destinations in Maranhao!

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