The Cabos in Mexico

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This is the perfect place to book a memorable family vacation. Alive an incredible experience during your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, do not wait another minute and make hotel reservations in this charming destination that had been looking for.

The hotels in Cabo San Lucas are recognized worldwide for its impeccable world-class service and quality of accommodation, ideal for family vacations.

You can also find a variety of tours in Los Cabos, like walking through the desert in jeeps or on bicycle tours in the mountains.

During his vacation in Mexico can visit beautiful beaches, watch whales in their natural habitat, or visit the Arc of the End of the World. In Los Cabos tours see the coral reef surrounded by multicolored fish or riding a horse in a strong magical landscape full of nature and adventure.
The Sea of Cortes is one of the most abundant species in the world. Some experts tend to call the seas of Baja California Sur the natural fish trap’s largest planet. ” Several developers have called the Los Cabos “the marlin capital of the world,” although in reality the true and internationally famous “capital of the marlin is the Eastern Cape area, located near the Tropic of Cancer, 120 kilometers 97 in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo.
Peace is essential for any other place fisherman. Many embark on the state capital due to go to Eastern Cape. Those who prefer to La Paz, argue that is ideal for scuba diving, since the area has more than 25 sites related to world-class sporting activity, are about the Holy Spirit, Cerralvo, and Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park.


The Municipality of Los Cabos is located south of the Peninsula, bordered to the north by the Municipality of La Paz in the south and east by the Gulf of California and the west by the Pacific Ocean at an altitude of 40 meters on the level the sea.


Climates characteristic of the Municipality of Los Cabos are hot and dry north of San Jose del Cabo and cool-dry in the highest part of the Sierra de La Laguna and San Lazaro, the coldest month of the year is considered the month of January and the average annual temperature is 24 ° C and a rainfall in summer.

When to go:

All year round, even when it is cold in January. Their holidays are St. Joseph’s Day and the founding of San Jose del Cabo.

Hotel Discounts:
La Paz
$ 61 Hotel Perla
Los Cabos
$ 178 Riu Santa Fe
$ 275 Crowne Plaza Los Cabos Grand Faro All Inclusive
$ 395 Fiesta Americana Grand Los Cabos
$ 291 Sheraton Hacienda del Mar
* Rates in USD / Night.

When to go:


The code of honor of the fleets and fishermen catch and release it, but when it comes to a tournament, the trophy is important, so we must take to land the sailfish, mackerel, marlin and swordfish to be weighed.
Do not hesitate even a moment, make your reservations at any of the hotels in Cabo San Lucas and meet one of the most exciting sights of the world. Undoubtedly! Is your passport to paradise!

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