The best ski resorts in France

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Visiting France can lead to the intention of settling in a territory glamorous. Strolling through the streets of Paris, take tea at a pastry shop or visit the shops of the most coveted designers. Because France is a country that smells good and, in general, the first intention is their occasional visitors to echo their perfume. However, not everything ends with a delightful fragrance. Beyond its borders harmonious and comfortable in the big city, there is another world waiting to be visited. Well, I am referring to ski in France, a topic we shall cover below.

The winter sports, skiers and their timeless tracks have space on the French ground. Also because France also “smells” a delicious scent of snow. The ski wear inseminated and reproduced in The Alps and the Pyrenees, two groups of mountains which have nothing to do, nor with the Riviera or the cinephile city of Cannes. These two large clumps are suitable only for skiers, but beginners and fearful can fight your pass.

The grandeur of The French Alps:

Against all hypotheses that can take risks, skiing in France is not a fashionable pastime but a story that began counting long ago, in 1904, more precisely. At that time, the locals were afraid to make its own ski equipment and snow throwers to, daring and energetic. Later the property would be taken away from the activity and would become an exclusive sport of the wealthy classes, stretching mode in these times.

Winter Landscape por Maciej

Later, stationed infrastructure around the new sport, begin to take momentum. Hotels surrounding snow shelters to eat and drink, and strife among the skiers would be the vertices of a big business that would involve the country, its mountains and skiing. Today France is considered one of the most favorable chance to consolidate landslides. Its natural environment coupled with the structure of its stations consolidates a growing tourism program adopted. They say the figures show that during each season, over 300 thousand stakeholders enjoy snow skiing and snowboarding, sleigh riding and bike, or enjoying the facilities of the different seasons of winter. The Alps and the Pyrenees, with its practice centers are the sites chosen by skiers and families.

However, the first beats the second by a considerable advantage. The numbers say that while 76 percent choose the Pyrenees to develop their stay, the remaining 24 staying in the Alps. However, the heat of so many people, both clusters lie full of tourists. The grouping is disputed Pyrenees (in terms of nationality) for two countries, France and Spain.

How come?

To get here, in air party, you may land in one of its three airports: Perpignan, Carcassonne and Pau. And from there, a move to choose, can be renting a car, or the arrival at the tracks to board a bus. However, to get to the Alps, the flight should be destined Grenoble, Lyon or Marseille. And the arrival of the slopes, the same way: micro car or shared. At some stations, for this solid, the tourist will find the largest mountain chain in Central Europe.

Val D'Isere por Boich.

Ski resorts in France:

In the distance you can overlook the Mont Blanc peak, the highest in the continent. Its geographic location is touring all corners of France, and separating it from Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

Here in the Alps, the most visited stations are usually: Orelle, Les Deux Alpes, Courchevelm, Tignes – Val Disere, Avoriaz, Val Thorens -, Alpe d Huez, Valmeinier and Valloire.

L'usine d'ESF à Valmeinier por Boriann.

As you can see, each region of these two sources mountain houses a considerable number of stations. The one has is the Southern Alps (with 37) and the least, Pyrenees Audoises (with only one).

Those interested in enjoying the facilities of the various sites, may also participate in the selection of activities. There is a hot water spa for those who, after long exposure to violent winter cold, wishing to end the day and enjoy a good shower of immersion. A good way to put the body in shape for another day. Those who have decided to travel to the French mountains with the entire family group will have the opportunity to access all the conditions previously established and regulated by the Ministry of Tourism.

It happens that some time ago, the secretary requires all resorts, located in the mountains, to be ready to welcome families with children over 18 months. Terms of comfort, convenience and security are some of the conditions to be offered. A reason, all stations comply with this rule is called Family Plus.

For beginners who wish to be baptized in the French stations, new teaching methods that optimize learning. Interested parties may stand with their computers, compared to a monitor and apply the skills suggested. However, this system is only available for those who want to learn to ski, for those who attempt to make their first steps with a snowboard, they can also participate in these virtual classes.

balade en raquettes sur les sommets por *cerise*.

The perfume of France persists in its snow and mountains. Aroma is a white, pure and harmonious as their massive. Athletes, fans, or skiers have their place in the Alpine resorts and Pirin, just a matter of deciding to travel.

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