The best places in the world for extreme sports

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Although there is dissatisfaction with the use of the term “extreme sports”, the so called “adventure sport” tends to practice some sport with grades higher than the conventional requirement. Here the danger of the activity and the risks that are assumed to be carried out by taking the title of “extreme”, although the latter has sought to be reversed by “adventure“, it is the most logical to call it.

The best places in the world for extreme sports

Photography by Peter Shanks

There are many extreme adventure sports that we do in the world and find:

• Ice Climbing
• Rock climbing
• Diving
• Immersion lung
• Surf
• Free flight
• Canyoning, etc.

It seems interesting the idea of having a good guide to what are the best places in the world for extreme sports with freedom, fullness and all the elements needed to turn this experience into something unique.

The world for extreme sports

Photography by Peter Shanks

Classic rock climbing:

The classic climbing is without doubt one of the many entertainments, as take advantage of the lower limbs and large rocks to climb above is a difficult task, even when used as support elements such as insurance, nails, fasteners, among other things. If you are looking for are the best places in the world for this sport, we recommend the following:

Canada: Grand Sentinel, located in Alberta, near Calgary.

Mexico: El Picacho del Diablo, located in Ensenada.

Spain: The patch, located in Elche, Strait Chillapájaros or Mijares, located near Alcora.

Italy: Ruota Tempo, located in Sardinia, near Domusnovas.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria Lakatnik located in Svoge.

Thailand: Phra-Nang Peninsula, located in Krabi.

Rock climbing:

In this type of promotion used anchors to have previously worked to stop the rock, which are strategically located to ensure the beauty of movement, fitness reducing the risk of the climber, so it is perhaps a good modality for some starting at this. Some of the places where you can practice are:

Portugal: Redinha – Estrela da Nossa Senhora, located in Pombal, Farol da Guia, located in Cascais – Lisbon.

Spain: Valeria, located in Valeria de Abajo – Cuenca

Germany: Hessigheimer Felsengärten, located in Besigeim – Stuttgart

Bouldering and climbing block:

This sport is rock climbing walls, small height, up to eight feet, but the difficulty is not used absolutely no element of security, so that clearly is a risk. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is implemented at the time of scaling a portable mat, to expect a possible fall. Some of the most recommended for this sport are:

Spain: Barruecos, located in Malpartida de Caceres, Navy, located at Naval – Avila

France: Bleau, located in Fontainebleau

Ice Climbing:

With equipment similar to rock climbing, which is performed on ice has its own dangers, as it uses a special safety equipment and going through soft snow, hard ice itself. Each climber will make the extreme sport concerned with crampons and ice axes. Some good places for this sport adventure are:

Spain: Raven Hill is located in Gijon – Asturias

United States: Treasure Falls, located in Pagrosa – San Juans, Colorado

Kiribati: Grapple Rocks, located in Kiribati.


Photography by Peter Shanks


This sport has to do with the exploration of underground caverns, caves and the like. There are several possibilities in this sport, however it is quite dangerous and it is recommended to have a good statement as to dare to do one of these unforgettable experiences. Some places we recommend for this sport are:

United States: Grand Meeander Cave, located in Colorado

Mexico: Cueva de la Mano, located in Guadalajara – Jalisco.


Appearing as an endless adventure for those who do for the first time, the canyon is the practice in canyons and ravines of the river where a boat crew have to contend with waterfalls and quite twisty sections without major problems, besides having to overcome obstacles walking, swimming or even escalate. Some of the places where you can practice this extreme sport are:

Spain: Gorgs Blau, located in Escorca – Las Palmas, Rio Verde, located in Otivar – Granada Cambullón Ravine, located in Ronda – Málaga

Paris: L’Arodin, located in Ain – Rhône-Alpes

Switzerland: Lodrino Canyon, located in Lodrino – Ticino

Mexico: Canyon Xumulá Underground River, located in Chiapas; Matacanes, located in Santiago – Nuevo León


This sport is slipping standing on the waves using a table, which in turn is guided by so-called “fins” that has in its rear. Here the athlete’s effort is extreme, it must have balance, skill, coordination and agility over all things, which means a huge risk if we consider the real venture into surf waves that would cause any panic. Some of the best places to practice this sport are:

Hawaii: Waikiki and in general the north coast of Oahu, where waves can pass from 10 meters

Australia: The east coast of Australia, in the state of New South Wales, Bondi Beach, Manly, Dee Why, Narrabeen, Avalon

Chile: Arica, Iquique, Antofagasta, La Serena; Pichidangui; Easter Island Reñaca; Pichilemu, beach La Puntilla, El Infiernillo; Punta Lobos.

Mexico: Saladita, located in the State of Guerrero, Mexican Pipeline in Puerto Escondido.

Extreme sports

Photography by Peter Shanks

Bon voyage!

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