The Baños of Agua Santa – In Tungurahua (Ecuador)

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The Baños of Agua Santa has a temperate climate with an average of 18 º C, and is at an altitude of 1820 meters. on the flanks of the volcano Tungurahua.

Bath is also known as “The Door of Gold” and offers many attractions: you can relax in thermal pools, visit the Basilica de la Reina del Rosario de Agua Santa, you can visit different waterfalls, one can climb the volcano Tungurahua, one can prove the Melcocha (sweet honey from sugar cane), there are varieties of craft balsa and tagua.

A bathroom offers hotels, restaurants and bars nationally and internationally.

Bathrooms, situated in the center of the country, its climate and its tourist attractions, is the ideal place to rest in a quiet environment, and for excursions and trips to nearby sites and attractions.
Swimming pool.

The Pools of the Virgin is located in the central-eastern Baños waterfall beneath Our Lady of Holy Water. They have hot springs of volcanic origin.

The Salty pools are a little outside the center (15 minutes walk), you can use the bus to El Salado. They have hot springs of volcanic origin.

Moderns pools near the Pools of the Virgin in the street Martínez. They have hot springs of volcanic origin.

The Water of Life the Pool has tempered water.

The Pools of Santa Clara and have warm water at the end of the Santa Clara Street.

Most hotels have swimming pools of warm water.

The Basilica de la Reina del Rosario de Agua Santa

Also known as “The Sanctuary”. It has different pictures inside a museum and interesting.

The Tungurahua volcano

This volcano is active and since 2001 erupted, has a height of 5023 meters and is accessible from the city of Baños. Active volcanoes Sangay and Tungurahua 5230 masl within the Sangay National Park. There are several travel agencies and professional guides who offer their professional services to mountaineering.

Las Cascadas

La Cascada de la Virgen del Agua Santa is in full view in Baños.

María Inés La Cascada (Rio Pastaza) is about 1 km from downtown, past the Puente de San Martin near the Zoo on the way to Lligua.

Agoyán waterfall is an impressive waterfall 5 km from Baños (Rio Pastaza), but because it allows the water to hydroelectric generation, water is not always. You can use the bus to view.

The La Cascada Manto de la Novia is located 12 km from Baños, before Rio Verde. There is an impressive tarabita on the river. You can get there by bike or bus.

Waterfall Rio Verde, or the Devil’s Pailon is 20 km from Baños. Here the Green River is an impressive waterfall within rocks.


Bathrooms, due to increased tourism activity in recent years, has developed an interesting infrastructure for accommodation, featuring a variety of options ranging from hotels and spas, suites, cabins and accommodations to lodging houses, are some of them:

Sangay Spa
Hotel-Spa is located next to an impressive waterfall of 80 meters, compared to the famous thermal baths of Baños. With spa services, hotels, cabins or suites.

Hostal Casa Real
A small hotel, with good basic service, as well as a small restaurant, is an economical option

Hostal Durand
A nice hotel with comfortable facilities, with restaurant services, with costs relatively comfortable; also has facilities for a variety of conventions and other events.

Hotel Sangay
This four star hotel is modern and has a good service. Located in the city and can arrange hiking or other adventures.

Spa Luna Runtun
This is a good hotel, with spa facilities and comfortable, is the starting point for the beginning of his adventures into the crater of Tungurahua.

El Trapiche Hosteria
1-km route Baños Puyo, one of the most beautiful places in Ecuador, near the town of Baños.

The Baños of Agua Santa is an example of tourism development in Ecuador and has recently been declared as World Heritage by UNESCO.

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