The Aegean Sea: the best beaches and islands of Greece and Turkey

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The Aegean Sea, in fact, could be called the ‘sea of Greece’, because 95% of the islands belong to this country. Thanks to the beautiful coastline that bathes the Aegean Sea islands and the remaining 5% have tourism as main economic activity. Its name comes from the legendary king of Athens Aegean, who, believing that his son Theseus had been devoured by the Minotaur in his labyrinth, was thrown to the sea from the Cape Sunion. If you want to know more and deeper into Greek mythology this ancient culture while enjoying a beach vacation, read on.

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1800 Greek islands completely uninhabited
Many say that a Greek island is a paradise where travelers must discover. 2000 as there are havens for exploring the waters of the Aegean Sea since 2000 are the Greek islands that are there, of which only 200 are inhabited. Are divided into islands, known as the Dodecanese or the Cyclades. Think about which of them will be your destination. The landscapes of the Greek islands are unforgettable: blue waters and infinite. Each island is different, each has its culture, art and customs. And you cannot choose one, so maybe the best option would be a cruise.

Islands far from the spotlight of mass tourism
Greek islands known as’ Northern Aegean Islands are found off the coast of Turkey and have a special charm because it does not suffer the crowds of tourism. Thus, the islands retain their tradition, beauty and authenticity. Here are the main islands of this archipelago in the north of the Aegean and the best beaches and sights. To reach the island is without doubt the best look for a cheap flight to Athens and once in the capital to start visiting all the islands.

Thassos Island
This charming small Greek island is the northernmost area of the Aegean Sea and is an ideal destination to get away from the clusters of tourists. This is where many Greeks came to spend the summer with their families because of the beauty and tranquility of the island. Tasos’s landscape is notable for its pine trees, beaches and remnants of antiquities. The capital, Tasos is a coastal city where you will find many remnants of the ancient Romans and from where it will be easy to communicate with the other attractions of the island.

thassos island greece

Aliki – Island Tasos
Tasos best beaches are in the south of the island where the beaches are virtually untouched. Highlights beach Crisier Amoudi, a paradise of fine sand and crystalline waters. Near the village of Potos, there are several beaches, including white sand, which are worth visiting: Psili Amos and Metallia.

Isle of Lesbos
Lesvos is the most famous island in the Aegean area. It is one of the largest islands in Greece and is situated within walking distance of Asia Minor. It says here that the famous poet Sappho lived during ancient times, the author of passionate love poems to people of the same sex. Its capital is Mitilini, but you are an important tourist center, especially for lovers of poetry, for being the birthplace of Sappho.

To the south of the island is where the most beautiful beaches on Lesbos as Metimna or Ayios Ermoyenis. Other beautiful beaches are in the area of the Gulf of Kalonis, which houses one of the most beautiful beaches in all Lesbos: the beach Calonis Scala. Mithymna south of Petra is a seaside village with a beautiful beach where we must not lose its spectacular sunsets.

Thassos Greece

The island of Samos
Samos is one of the most fascinating islands around the Aegean. It has one of the most beautiful landscapes that can be found in the Greek islands, combining the green forests and hills with the blue crystal spectacular beaches. Greek mythology says that this island was the birthplace of the goddess Hera, and people Pithagoria remind us that this island was the famous mathematician Pythagoras.

Balos Beach – Island of Samos
Samos to visit it is best to rent a car and go to the island for its beaches and hidden coves. Samos has many white sand beaches that are worth visiting, some of them are Tsambu, Lemonakia, Tsamado or beach Galasio.

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