The Adriatic Sea: Path of Pescara, Ancona, Bari, Zadar and Split

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The Adriatic Sea between the Italian peninsula from the Balkan Peninsula. The Adriatic coast concentrates a large number of tourist resorts, many coastal towns are known for its fabulous beaches.

One of the coastal towns bordering the Adriatic Sea is Pescara. The town occupies a privileged position on the Adriatic Sea, which has promoted its tourism development along the years. The port is a small picturesque canal where you can enjoy magnificent views. The charm of Pescara is in the gentleness of its climate, the beauty of the sea and a lush landscape.

The hidden charms of the city of Ancona
Also in Italy we find the city of Ancona, a town with a little known but great cultural and historic charm. Coexist in this coastal town of the ancient architectures and admirable traditions with the contemporary world. Its port is the highlight of the Adriatic Sea, which connects to the Greek Islands.

Port of Ancona
The coastline of this region is characterized by its sandy beaches in the north and beaches with rocks and gravel. Also found in this small town until 6km from beaches. It was very enjoyable and a privilege to make the journey through the peripheral part of this port city.

Best beaches
Located in the ‘heel of the boot, “the city of Bari is a perfect holiday destination to escape from the crowded tourist without giving up all the tranquility and excitement of a summer holiday. Its coasts are well known for its beauty and charm. One of the most famous beaches in Bari beach is Pane e Pomodoro, artificial sand beach. This beach is an ideal destination both summer and winter since it is prepared a glass coffee to enjoy at all hours of the fantastic views of the coast. Another advantage is that this city has good communications with virtually all the rest of Italy. Other coastal city with the most beautiful beaches of the Adriatic Sea is the port city of Zadar. This town is very beautiful thanks to the charm of its bays and beaches of rocks and pebbles. In addition, Zadar is enriched with 300 islands and islets around to be able to reach. Today is one of the most full of tourists who love the sea that will spend their summer vacation and enjoy the fantastic beaches. A destination on the Adriatic Sea.

St.Donat Church, Zadar
One of the towns where you can find more entertainment and tourist attractions is Split. It is a city with great wealth and numerous cultural attractions, like the sun and sea, or excursions to nearby cities and islands. You can stay within the same city of Split and visiting museums and historic architecture of the Temple of Diocletian and the churches of SV and Gospa od Nikola Zvonika, or stroll along the promenade and enjoy the views of the sea somewhere its terraces. Highlights Gallery of Yugoslav sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. If you’re more daring, you can take the ferry and go to the island of Hvar Island of Brac or small paradises Croatia. Another possibility is to rent a charter boat and tour the different islands: Hvar, Brac, Rab, Kornati …

St. Donat's Church por felber.


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