Sucre, the capital of American Independence

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The department of Chuquisaca in Bolivia’s capital to Sucre, where he was the first cry of freedom and American city which, despite suffering more than half a century, the effects of an earthquake that destroyed many of its most representative buildings he knew rebuilt with modern structures, huge parks and wide avenues, or Bolivar as the Liberty. Furthermore, this fully equipped to receive tourists from all over the world because it has a comprehensive accommodation service, hotels and varied cuisine of the place.

View of the city:
Declared by UNESCO in 1991 as the Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Sucre won a deserved recognition for their great cultural value and wealth within which highlights the great religious architecture, which dates from colonial times.

Located 5km from the center of the city is the National Cement Factory which is the largest site of dinosaur footprints. According to studies, these are tracks that belonged to prehistoric animals that inhabited the area for about 70 million years. The collection is famous for being, according to specialists, where there are more and greater variety of views. The visit lasts approximately 2 hours and half to buy one pack, which includes transportation, guide and entrance.

Held each year along Sucre to Potosi in the second week of September, a Festival of Arts and Culture, bringing together 2,000 national and foreign artists in a magical combination of music, literature, painting, cinema, theater and participation of ethnic groups. The event spans two weeks to find a healthy brotherhood among the various cultures and nations involved. Bolivians if something stakes are in their festivals, celebrate it well, are heartily glad it will.

5166 Sucre, Bolivia por paulappleton.

Castillo de la Glorieta:
Among the religious buildings more attractive to visit are:

• The Cathedral of Sucre, which has a beautiful architecture and a museum itself, where are the manuscripts of old folk compositions, which are a vivid representation of American and European classical music.

• The monastery of La Recoleta, founded in 1601, has a beautiful atmosphere of serenity, with its corridors with stone columns and beautiful gardens with roses and other flowers.

• El Convento de San Felipe Neri, which is an expression of great power that was the Catholic Church in the emerging American society.

For the most intrepid tourists, the Department of Chuquisaca has a number of smaller mountain ranges, beautiful valleys surrounding temperate, crossed by streams and rivers are ideal for swimming and fishing.

Finally, by their air of freedom, its essence and its colonial atmosphere of intellectuality. Because of its old houses and its particular Castle of La Glorieta. For the kindness, friendliness and openness of its people. For the beauty of its landscapes so you should not miss from your camera or videos. For all that, Sucre should not miss on the agenda for the traveler who toured South America.

Castillo de la Glorieta Sucre-Bolivia por sofia ninoska.

If you are looking for where to stay, here are some good options. You depends on the hotel category, if you’re just looking for a backpacker and budget accommodation, well you’ll find many in the area.

Bon voyage!

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