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Ceará is located north of the equator in Brazil between dunes, coconut groves, lush jungle, bathed by the warm and transparent waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
The State of Ceará was the first province of the Empire to abolish slavery (1884) and represents the third largest economy in the Northeast region of Brazil.
Estimated population (2007): 8,185,286 inhabitants.
In Ceará are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as Jericoacoara (chosen by the Washington Post among the ten most attractive of the world), display their charms along the 573 kilometers of coastline bordering the State of Ceará.

Since no other state in Brazil, Ceará owns a wide variety of ecosystems and landscapes, from beautiful beaches on the coast to the famous senotes (inhospitable places, often hit by droughts). It also offers mountain and colonial towns and picturesque cultural and historical traditions.

The climate is tropical with temperatures ranging between 25 and 28 degrees Celsius throughout the year.
Its capital, Fortaleza, also known as Daughter of the Sun, is among the most important cities in the Northeast and the country.

Other cities and tourist attraction in Ceará are:
* Aracati, with its beautiful beaches, The Moon and the Stars (Canoa Quebrada);
* Beberibe (raft rides, beaches and dunes);
* Sobral (Princesa del Norte);
* Jijoca of Jericoacoara (one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world);
* Juazeiro do Norte, high religiosity.

Beaches of Ceara:
Canoa Quebrada: It is one of the main tourist destinations in Ceara, a moon and a star carved into the cliffs have become symbols of Canoa Quebrada. The winds are ideal for water sports. In a local kiteboarding school offering classes for beginners. The buggy rides through the dunes are ideal for those looking for thrills and beautiful natural landscapes.

Jericoacoara: It was considered one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world, according to the newspaper The New York Times. And there’s no doubt who the natural beauty of the dunes, the gaps formed between the dunes, the wind sculptures formed simple as the icon of Pedra Furada place. Windsurfing enthusiasts have secured space for the wind which blows almost all year round. The beach is considered one of the best for the sport. It also highlights the surf, rally, trekking and other sports.

How to get there?
Pinto Martins International Airport – CE

Airlines operating scheduled flights:
Gol, Ocean Air, Tam, Varig, Jet Web, United Airlines, Tap.

By Land:
Bus Antônio Bezerra
Address: Rua Pamplona Hipólito, 45

Bus Engenheiro São Tomé
Address: Avenida Borges de Melo, 1630
Hotels: State of Ceará to Brazil
Ceará has excellent tourist infrastructure, with over a thousand hotels and inns to comfortable.
The typical drink of Brazil the caipirinha, you can taste in the various places of nightlife.
Ceara is a region of great religious, feeling that in the devotion to St. Francis of Assisi.
In Ceará discover the charms of the jungle and rivers, find faith, hugging each other, celebrate with Mary and thank god its 184 religious festivals and pilgrimages to their two million a year.
Through routes discover lush green ancient caves where our ancestors left their footprints in rock paintings.

The bird adorning the fields and happy with their songs, the flowers perfume the atmosphere. Places of great beauty is a gift for nature lovers and for those who like extreme sports like rock climbing, paragliding, hang gliding, visiting waterfalls that caress the body, full of green trails through its 28 reservations green where you can enjoy nature.

In each village there is the art and culture of their folklore of Ceará, their pottery, clothing, balls and dances, in his experience will have many stories to tell.
The coasts and seas is expected to put to the test in various recreational sports at the same time enjoying the beauty of the landscape and its women who visit the beautiful beaches.
Ceará, is the emotion in all your senses awaits you with open arms to all tourists of the world!

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