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Pas de la Case - Grandvalira por SebastienToulouse.

Andorra is a country sporting tradition and is Andorra, a site that looks white and bright as snow. It is thus no coincidence that the national sport is skiing, hence the wide range that exists in winter sports, and more specifically, concerning the training of this discipline; same reason the comfort of hotels in Andorra , expectant of winter tourism.

It is a landlocked country located in southern Europe and bordering Spain and France. A counter march of events in other countries, here the transition from World War II brought prosperity, at least in view of the economic situation. If a poor country indeed went on to become isolated, thanks to the enlightened policy of state-in one of the most important tax havens of the world, and one of the favorite resorts of the winter traveling.

Deportes. 2 por Foto Borras.

Why winter? Because although the place has a great program of activities, trying to feed the leisure of those who seek comfort, for those who crave fun, for those who want contact with nature or who indulge in culinary pleasures and those try holiday, immersed in a warm earth all year round, winter is approaching the specified period to Andorra.

When lurks cold and dry climate Principality two degrees lower reaches zero, the bags should be willing to pay a good team of snow, so get out to conquer the pristine paradise, on a trip that holds for a physical and mental health delivery. And, installed in a geographical point of the country, it’s time to plan a route consistent with the practice of sports. We leave aside the visit to cultural heritage, specific opportunities in another trip to the place, we got the shaft this important visit to spa and relaxation, and we decided to enjoy the sporting tradition of a country that offers quality and quantity in their facilities.

The sports culture that characterizes this site is part of the profile of the inhabitants of 36 years average, this makes it recognized also by the number of complexes for aerobic exercise in school age, for having one of the best shooting ranges in the world and its several football fields, its basketball courts, swimming pools, (one Olympic), his tennis and athletics, his sports centers, gyms and their ice palace.

In fact, the country listed as a major candidate to host the Olympic Games 2010. Finally scrutiny not favored, but vowed not to cede their authority in attempts to conquer, soon, the pro-choice. But back to business, and the spotlight is now before us in this article: The skiing on Mont Blanc in Andorra.

The Principality has two skiable domain, formed by the merger of several ski resorts. Therefore, the proposal of the day is to go through these stations, not to mention the other possible activities that can be performed in the visit to the centers of snow.

The first leg of our journey we found in Grandvalira, a base resulting from the merger of Pas de la Casa-Grau Roig and Doldeu – El Tarter. The second stop is proposing a visit to Vallnord, station hidden in Ordino – Arcalis and Pal – Arinsal Mountain Park. The appointment number three corresponds with the arrival Naturlandia, which has to its credit to La Rabassa and Parador Canaro. These three sites and their complexes result in an extension of 468 km2, where the tourist will find 177 skiable pistes, 110 lifts, and 1385 snow cannons guaranteeing snow sports (natural or artificial) throughout year.

Taking as example the Parador Canaro, located within the premises of Naturlandia, it can be stated that a site is designed for total enjoyment of the visitor: an area of sleds on the high mountain, fifteen artificial snowmaking, ski schools, snack bar, snow garden, etc…

This is Andorra the country of snow.

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