Sicily, Italy on the tourist island

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Italy boasts of being one of the most attractive countries of Europe. Millions of tourists are concentrated throughout the year in the squares and monuments of history laden cities such as Rome, Venice, Milan or Naples. If you are adventurous or adventurous, we offer a different one of the most intriguing of this boot-shaped peninsula.

It is Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, which has the only active volcano in Europe, the Etna, where you’ll find at your jewelry and archaeological landscapes of intense beauty, as well as provide enjoyment to your palate gastronomic specialties such as macaroni and ragout of fish, all washed down with a good wine, and liquor as a coda.

Sicily and its inhabitants are synonymous with survival: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the effect of the mafia, the Cosa Nostra fearsome as impaired. Now, it deserves a deeper look.

The tour can start by Catania, the second largest city of the island, which lies at the foot of Mount Etna. The current baroque appearance presented is due to its ongoing reconstruction after violent eruptions that destroyed much of the city. One of its main attractions is the Piazza del Duomo, where the symbol of the city, Fontana dell’Elefante. There not only is the Municipal Palace and the majestic Duomo, with a tall front and a beautiful carved choir of 1588, but the square on the inside keeps the Baths of Achilles and other Roman remains of importance.

But undoubtedly the greatest point of interest is as high as 3,323 meters in height, 200 and 200 kilometers of perimeter lateral cones groups: Etna. It is very interesting to observe the lifestyle of the people of Catania, talk with them and see how Mediterranean crops and forests of chestnut trees are spread over the slopes of the volcano until the height is discouraged and gives way to the lava deposited by ancient eruptions.

Syracuse, a Greek and Roman archaeological site, and Messina, where the gallery displays works by Caravaggio or Montorsoli, are other proposals, but it was Palermo, the Sicilian capital, which focuses more expectant eyes. Monument and the Cathedral with two towers connected by two bridges to the bell, or the Palazzo dei Norman, reminiscent of the Arabs, coupled with the appearance of a city that speaks its own story.

As the Alfama district of Lisbon or the Jewish quarter of Seville, it is best to walk through the center, without a predefined path, and appreciate the signs of the bombing of the war and the neglect of an administration that had its priorities in the Cosa Nostra and not in rehabilitation. You can find very interesting objects in small stores or rakes outdoors.

Moreover, those who visit the Botanical Garden can understand why Goethe, 200 years before, thought it was “the most amazing world.” Although a little messy, the exotic vegetation, colored lights and still maintain their magic.

Besides the excellent fish and pasta, which are often combined, one can not enjoy a delicious cake with mixed fruit, chocolate and curd is known as ‘ Cassata ‘ and that comes from the Arabic pastries. Nor should it be lost sheep cheeses and ‘Piacentino’ strongest, most cured and seasoned with pepper grain.

All this came a very pleasant climate, a Mediterranean climate that can only enhance an island which, in itself, since it is rich.

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