Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (Mexico)

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Where the sky is born in the Castilian voice Maya Sian Ka’an. This is called the ecological reserve located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. A place where mixed tropical forests, wetlands, coastal landscapes and marine harbor enormous animal and plant species.

It covers 607,028 hectares Eden natural protected by the Mexican government in the State of Quintana Roo. Recognized as a World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Sian Ka’an line shows the particularity of, in equal parts by several ecosystems. Swamps and sheets together with tropical forests and bays, lagoons and coral reefs. Can you imagine crossing a landscape rich?

The cenotes and petenes out as atypical topographical features that transform this region into the Gulf of Mexico is unique in its class. The Cenotes are natural freshwater pools that are home to wildlife itself. The petenes consist of islands of rainforest hardwood.

Cover its vast 1200 plant species, including mahogany, cedar, wood dye, and the PUCT Jicaro midget. 330tipos bird cross the sky and its endless forests and waters manatees, two kinds of endangered crocodiles, various types of sea turtles, jaguars, pumas, ocelots, tapirs, monkeys (howler, spider and saraguato) and king vultures. All these complement the list of about a thousand species of animals that inhabit the reserve, many of which are in danger of disappearing.

The main threat to this natural beauty comes from over-tourism. An activity that arises with the conversion of the serene fishing village of Acapulco, to the north, in an entertainment center around the world that extends to the bustle around and played, inevitably, to Sian Ka’an. Rampant construction to accommodate over 17 thousand visitors arriving annually, the increase in the fishing business in the area itself was also a sports, forest fires and the expropriation of nature by man causes serious damage. Water pollution and the alteration of hydrology, for example, are harmful to certain groups of animals and plants.

Hence the importance that some environmental groups and the government attach to the regulation of tourist activity. The policies seek to curb damage caused by the reckless journey. Three cooperative tourism services that bring together the residents turned to tourism for survival, and regulate their activity. The guides are trained, working inch by inch with the authorities in preserving the area and cooperate with the investigations being carried out.

Adventure with Crocodiles is one of the activities under the concept of ecotourism. By guided tour by boat in the gaps where there are crocodiles in the crocodile swamp and river, visitors help to fund research that the Association Friends of Sian Ka’an builds on these two endangered species. At night, interested in accompanying a maximum of 6 per boat to the staff of the organization to capture and study specimens.

A great variety of tourism activities regulated by the supply consists of sites in the region of Sian Ka’an. Operators, cabins, cottages and hotels offer scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and kayaking through the interior of ecosystems, as well as exploratory missions by boat to observe the vegetation and animal behavior

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