Seven Star Hotel: One of the world’s best hotels in the Caribbean

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Seven Stars Resort: Pool

The Caribbean is one of the most popular tourist destinations for a long time, because it is located in an area of climate, landscapes and other natural attractions, making it a perfect place to relax, or enjoy hiking, offering interesting options for all people who visit it.

Currently, anyone who is lucky enough to visit the Caribbean, has the option of choosing from a large range of luxury accommodation and important prestige, but none of the magnitude that the most important and impressive hotel in the Caribbean, Seven Stars.

The Seven Stars is the largest luxury hotel in the Caribbean, and one of the best equipped in the world, demonstrating the knowledge that the same has been granted a seven-star category, which is only achieved by a handful of locations around the globe.

Seven Stars Resort: View from balcony

This hotel is located in the Turks and Caicos Islands, belonging to the United Kingdom, located in the Caribbean Sea near the coast of the Bahamas, so it is easy to imagine the dreamy landscape that surrounds this very special hotel.

The impressive 7-star hotel opened in April of 2008, since which are filled his amazing abilities, and that it constitutes the first choice among the wealthy tourists who visit the Caribbean, and we say wealthy, because prices to spend a night at the Seven Stars, can be rather exorbitant.

Of course, to get a hotel be granted a seven-star category, it is necessary that the same is impressive in every way imaginable, as a luxury, infrastructure, health, etc., So that the construction of this luxurious hotel multimillion-dollar sums have been invested to achieve the required standards.

The huge estate where the Seven Stars is located occupies 90,000 square meters,
besides that it has more than 15 kilometers of coastal paradise, where you can find more than 115 buildings belonging to the hotel, such as houses, penthouses or suites. Include attics of the place, because all they have ocean views.

Of course that all staff working for the hotel is the most experienced of the market, and that when hiring employees, owners, managers, sponsors and managers of the Seven Stars, intensive interviews, in order to hire only true specialists in their branches, even waiters and maids, so that the employees of the hotel staff are, for example, more experienced chefs and cooks in the luxury hotel market.

Due to the excellent feature that employees possess Seven Stars, has been said that the attention guests receive at the site, is the best that can be obtained in the global hotel market since virtually every guest, is served by an “army” of waiters, janitors, maids, etc., at all times, which will ensure all the needs or whims that may arise.

Seven Stars Resort

In addition to the many luxurious rooms that have farmland, the hotel has:

• A private marina, which tend to anchor the luxury sailboats and yachts of wealthy guests. Besides that you can also rent boats there.

• A luxury boutique. The Seven Boutique is a shop where guests can buy one brand items, like sunglasses, swimwear, handbags and more.

• A water sports center fully equipped for guests, fishing, sailing wander, swim or perform a host of water sports are very entertaining.

• A spa equipped with the latest technology, so that people that go to it to relax with an excellent massage, with the help of the best specialists in their field or simply make a beauty treatment.

• 6 fine restaurants where you can enjoy delicious dishes based on a variety of regional cuisines.
A major project of the most ambitious in the area, turned it into one of the most transcendent famous hotels of the modern world.

Seven Stars Resort: view from balcony

Enjoy the ultimate pleasure in the Seven Star Hotel!

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