Sedona: 5 views indispensable on your trip to Arizona

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Red Rocks, Sedona, Arizona by **Mary**.

On your trip to the U.S. West Coast, where it is essential to go to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon, for it you the option to plan a visit to the region of Sedona.

Sedona is a small resort town located at the bottom of a valley in a beautiful landscape in the area are mixed with lush vegetation of rocky hills of red dirt, which you will recall many Western movies, for in his time was the scene chosen to film some of the most famous titles of this genre.

To help guide you, and you consider this option in your journey through Arizona, Sedona is located south of Route 66 and north of Phoenix (160 miles, two hours) In particular, since Williams, one of the most Recommended for this route, and climb from the town Which north to go to the Grand Canyon, Sedona is arriving a little over an hour.

Sedona is the area after the Grand Canyon, receives more visitors annually throughout Arizona. then I will recommend five visits essential, when you decide to make a visit to Sedona.

1. Oak Creek Canyon

Coming down from Flagstaff to Sedona, will cross the Oak Creek Canyon, a valley through which the road runs along the river, and there you will see some of the most beautiful landscapes of this area.

Sedona: 5 views indispensable on your trip to Arizona

2. Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock

From the city of Sedona to the east there is a path known as Red Rock Scenic Byway, which will lead to the two great rocky mountains that are famous in the region, Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock. Here You can do a walking tour. Perfect for lovers of adventure sports.  

3. Chapel of the Holy Cross

In one of the mountains surrounding a Sedona, close to the city, is a curious enclave, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a modern building built on the side of a rocky mountain, from which you have the best panoramic view Sedona and its valley.

4. Jerome typical Western mining town

Jerome is in the valley of Sedona, Arizona, A 47 km south of Sedona. This is a former mining town that dates back to 1876. Located on the mountainside, its main street itself retains the atmosphere of a typical western town.

5. Sunset Crater Volcano

While not in the Sedona Valley, en route from the north you are only 30 miles north of Flagstaff, where you can visit a curious volcanic mountain considered National Monument, Sunset Crater Volcano, where you can wander the paths that walk the lava zones.

Sunset Crater Volcano by James Marvin Phelps (mandj98).

Welcome to Arizona!

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