Seattle Tourist Destinations

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Seattle Tourist Destinations

The Seattle tourist destination in the united states is the starting point within the state of Washington that leaves the visitor a feeling of tranquility due to the closeness with nature and ethnic cultural diversity of this beautiful area of the United States.

Seattle is also known for emerald city stands surrounded by lakes, mountains and of course the Bay Puget Sound, is for these attributes among many more that Seattle is for any tourist or permanent visitors a haven of recreation.

The History of Seattle is linked directly to the Suquamish Indians of the area, as the great Chief Seattle (1786 – 1886) was one of the pioneers of colonization in this part of the United States to help settle the settlers and for being a peacemaker of the indigenous tribes and colonists, by which the city now bears his name.

Food in Seattle
In addition there are some options for visitors who can tour Seattle paid which takes tourists on a gastronomic tour. In this culinary tour guides are available that takes the tourist from Seattle to explore the fascinating history, culture, food, and the best chefs in Seattle, the different tours you can see on page Savor Tours.  For those who like coffee and flavorings are lovers of this drink cannot miss in the Pike Place, actual establishment of the first store in the world of Star Bucks that was opened in 1977.

The Public Market, known as the Pickering Place Marquet is a fun and interesting place to visit is located on the coast of Seattle. Here tourists can find everything from fruit, fresh flowers, donuts, fresh fish, handicrafts, small restaurants, and other possibilities. However this is a popular tourist area so the atmosphere that permeates the entire establishment is great festivity and joy.

To visit in Seattle
Like many cities in the world, Seattle has its own tower height that makes it so special. The Space Needle, is for the city and for this part of America, his letter in almost every post, she is easily accessible as it lies at the heart of the city, once there, tourists can climb elevator to the tower through a fee, once on top you can access the revolving restaurant, where you can see the entire city of Seattle.

Seattlescape por Christmas w/a K.

The university district of Seattle is a great place where tourists can get a variety of books at low prices in this area because there are many libraries that are open almost throughout the year. In the university district, at night there is a great atmosphere in the numerous bars and entertainment venues.

For those who enjoy sporting events you can view; the sand key flag of the Super Sonics in the NBA, visit the stadium of the mannerisms of MBL League Seattle the Seahawks or the NFL.

S what you want is to shop in Seattle, the tourist has a broad range to large shopping malls there as the Premium Outlets, University Village and others.

Finally one of the trips that tourists cannot ignore, is the ferry ride through the fjords, they can pass on a fun day sailing as well, and hopefully see the beautiful whales that occasionally show themselves. Moreover, the proximity of Seattle on Alaska can make the tourist decides to make a tourist trip to Alaska, or to be on the Canadian border, visiting Vancouver.

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