Salamanca Cultural routes in Spain

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Esto es vida por Paco CT.

The term culture can support multiple meanings. From art and education, to heritage and work. Depends on the site, its history and its people. It describes in detail the cultural sights of Salamanca in this post.

Plaza Mayor, Salamanca:

On previous occasions we have proposed diving culture of certain places, but today it is the turn of the Spanish city of Salamanca, a living room lying on the river Tormes and offers numerous hotels in Salamanca where to stay for a cultural vacation.

If indagare just a few minutes in the history of the city, not confront, for example, a preliminary fact: first town of Salamanca came in the time domain Iberian. Then the Romans would call Helmántica, and later he would build the town we see today before our eyes. Now, pencil in hand, we will plan our itinerary that will have as sole purpose, to absorb the cultural wealth of the city. We set up a travel route that will facilitate our move. Thus, you can visit the cathedral, Plaza Mayor, the Dominican monastery of San Esteban, the Casa de las Conchas, the Palace of Fonseca, the Ursuline Convent and the Mistresses, and the Torre de Clavero.

In turn, we will have opportunity to visit the various temples located in Salamanca.

Catedral de Salamanca:

And we see that only the observation of this list serves as proof of angular cultural heritage that awaits us there. But as people are traveling spirit and soul of tireless walkers, we do not despair the idea of fatigue, even more, he catches us having so much to see.

Catedral de Salamanca. por Óliver....

And what of the monasteries, markets and tours? Also entered into our list of places to visit. Not for nothing, in 2002, Salamanca was named European City of Culture. At that time, the days of music, dance, exhibitions and street performances filled the city. However, the tendency to receive recognition dates back a few years ago. Already in 1988 it was declared a World Heritage Site, according to its historical and cultural richness, and served by a commitment to care when this flow. He was also honored with the endorsement of City of Thought, meetings, knowledge, truth, beauty and openness: a unique tour of the historic city center will help us understand the validity of these surveys.

But let’s start our route, once and for all. I propose that we move to the old medieval city walls, now turned into an exhibition that traces of which used to be.

Some curves in the road and came to the clergy of San Marcos. Place founded by Philip II and Margaret of Austria, in times of Fonseca. And from there to the College of the Archbishop. Here, the most striking is the locket that rests on the front, bearing the image of the apostle. And continuing with the heritage of Fonseca we approach the Death House, at its entrance, has a bust of man. Also, a dedication in his honor. Fonseca is also present in the palace that bears his name, and Ursula’s Convent, a site that was co-founded by him.

Palacio de Monterrey:

Now we have some time to rest. We do this in the context of the Plaza Mayor. People here took the banks and the asphalt plan a picnic, and we will. We have come far but we still await a stretch to complete the route.

Salamanca - Palacio de Monterrey por alejandro blanco.

The main square was designed by Alberto Churriguera in the eighteenth century, and its appeal is similar to the one who holds the Monastery of San Esteban. And that is where our journey continues and concludes our impasse.

Gastronomy of Salamanca:

The journey has been long and rewarding and it’s time to rest and eat, it might be a good opportunity to learn the cuisine of Salamanca. Because food and its derivatives also make the culture of a place. In a recipe, ingredients, its preparation and presentation reflect customs, traditions, legacy of native peoples generally.

And here is the culture of eating meat displayed in his grilled morucha his chafaina, the chicha, and calderillo hornazo. All dishes of the region used to repay a huge walk through the culture of Salamanca.

Thus we have been comforted by the excursions and our appetites in this virtual tour in Salamanca!.

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