Routes in Spain: From Bilbao to Ondarroa

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Starting points in step; Bakio, Bermeo, Getxo.

Biscay offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy not only the mountains but a shore full of wild beaches and historic villages. The route leads along the coast of Biscay from Bilbao to Ondarroa, with stops in Getxo, Bermeo and Bakio.

The coastline stretches from Cantabria Vizcaya Ondarroa up and this part of the province, despite the high rate of industrialization featuring shows the traveler the most beautiful landscapes of Biscay. The coastline shows a striking contrast between the sea and the mountains and fishing villages are well integrated into its location on the border between two lifestyles.

The capital of Biscay, Bilbao, and shows this boundary, since it is located next to the river Nervión before his mouth to the sea and the foot of a mountain. The whole city itself marks the contrast and change: the Old Town and the modern part of town, the cathedral and ancient buildings in front of the Guggenheim. In Bilbao we must discard prejudices and keep an open mind to any style or type of monument.

Getxo, wealth, style and place of rest.
The second item on our itinerary is the town of Getxo. Located near the estuary of Bilbao, Getxo is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts along the Cantabrian coast. Inside the public can visit many monuments and buildings of different styles and eras, a fact which makes it a unique place in the province of Biscay.

Since the nineteenth century started the era of the tourist town with the construction of summer houses along the river and a spa, Getxo is a beautiful beach to enjoy the affluent people. Moreover, the existence of several historical buildings and beautiful Gothic-style churches and neogothic give a true taste of old that few coastal populations kept intact.

Bakio, a fishing port instead of holiday
Make the third stop in the beautiful town of Bakio. Until the mid-eighteenth century, the population still belongs to Bermeo lived facing the sea and fishing port. It is from the nineteenth century begins to cease this activity and start giving more importance to its beautiful beach and wonderful views that can be seen from the chapel of San Pelayo.

In the population highlighted two areas: the beach of Bakio, but fine sand and surrounded by huge rocks washed by the cool waters of the Cantabrian Sea, and the monumental part of town. Latter is the aforementioned shrine of San Pelayo, the most beautiful, pure Romanesque style, with little change in its structure and from which dominates the entire coast of Bakio. The church of St. Mary of the Assumption and the palaces of Hormaza Elespuru and complete the artistic offerings of Bakio.

Bermeo, door to the sea
The town of Bermeo opens onto the sea and all that it can offer. As a good fishing town, the image of its buildings and environment that breathes just enter it reminds the traveler is in a place that lives by and for the sea.

The upper town offers the visitor a magnificent view of the coastline, the island of Izaro the background. This place has been established as a protected ecological zone, a beautiful place where wildlife can live and enjoy the atmosphere Bakio fishing. A place to visit is essential Ercilla Tower, headquarters of the Museum of Fisherman, Bakio which again shows their love of Biscay.

Ondarroa, the end of the road
The people of Ondarroa, plus an end to our journey, is the last village before going fishing on the coast of Guipuzcoa. Everything that exudes love for the sea which we see in Bermeo. Because Ondarroa has been for centuries a fishing village.

Located at the mouth of the river Artibai, Ondarroa sits on a place full of mountain slopes and banks and intricate, so that their homes and buildings have been fitted to this particular terrain.

To enjoy the scenery there is no better place than the hermitage of La Antigua, where it dominates the town and the harbor. Also essential to visit the church of Santa Maria, located on a rocky projection that gives an original style.

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