Rhineland – On the route of the Rhine (Part 2)

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Major Road
Surrounded by the enchanting landscapes of the Rhineland, the great artery of Europe is made to spend wonderful days outing.
The Rhine cuts today visited the region in the form of reading and pictures, and profile changes on several occasions. Sometimes, bodies of water are triggered between narrow rocks, other times the river’s going to sleep with a width of up to 1 km wide plains well. Sometimes its size bed along deep forests, interrupted by sunny vineyards, sometimes at the edge of castles, monasteries and forts that crown many centuries of ancient cities.

On the banks of the Rhine, history, art and landscapes are intermingled to clear an unmatched atmosphere.

Bonn, the city of Beethoven
One who contemplates Bonn from the ship that sails the Rhine, they will never forget. To get to know the ancient capital of the German Federal Republic should visit the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, the policy scenarios Parliament, the Chancellery or the Langer Eugen, the Museum Mile with the Kunstmuseum Bonn German National Museum and the House of German History. Bonn has always been a lively city, and since Roman times, and it is here where the romantic Rhine.

Cologne, the capital of art
Cologne is one of the most original. It has a language and a mentality, filled with much humor, not just during Carnival. Is the Cologne cathedral, the river and the arts. It is 2000 years of Roman remains, Romanesque churches, medieval houses, lively shopping streets, modern architecture, museums and galleries. But Cologne is also a center of industry, trade fairs and the media. The natural cologne living abroad suffer chronic nostalgia of their city, and the outsider who lived in Cologne knows why.

Düsseldorf, sexy on the Rhine
Among the proverbial Rhineland humor and atmosphere of a cosmopolitan city exhibition develops a range of attractions. Its 18 museums, the German Opera of the Rhine and many theaters are faithful testimony of the cultural life of Düsseldorf. With its Köningsallee, the avenue lined with chestnut trees that many regarded as the gateway to showcase the latest trends in fashion, Dusseldorf is also the shopping city par excellence.

Münster, Baroque beauty
Münster is more than just a city. The Monasterium, founded by the Frisian missionary Liudger gave its name to this region countless palaces. Münster is the current young student, and at the same time, Baroque. Especially in “Island Baroque” with the Archbishop’s Palace, the Palace of Droste, the Church of San Clemente and the Dominican Church. The city has managed to keep good historical changes. After its destruction in World War II was rebuilt true to its old image.

Eat, drink …
Certainly one of the most quoted in Rhineland Hobbies: eating and drinking. Sociable character and the proverbial institute has fostered a wide variety of hotels and restaurants, both breweries and bars just around the corner as the restaurants.

The ancient Romans also introduced in the kitchen taste so refined. Through branches of the treaty rule is consulted culinary Apicius, one of the first gourmet, grilling and frying.

Today, exploiting the fact that the Great Way is path of the interior to the sea. But the vegetables, mainly cabbage, have always been the real wealth of the Rhineland.

The finest are still serving, still in the growing areas of the asparagus around the Geldern, along the Lower Rhine and in the plains at the foot of the first Eifel elevations, between Cologne and Bonn.

Typically, the pot was filled with a solid record-old recipes cooked cabbage, also green bean soup or beans with bacon. With imagination, the districts have adapted Rhineland potatoes. Potato cake almost be considered “national dish”, which is eaten together with sugar beet molasses, or minced beef seasoned with onions, cucumbers, salt, pepper and mustard or smoked salmon. “Heaven and Earth” is a mixing of apples and mashed potatoes served with grilled sausage.

In the area of the chain’s seven hills, guests can try delicious meals in Rhineland, nobles and people, including a shot of concentrated wine, red or white, from vines that grow in front of the house.

There is a good choice of regional wines, beer. Aroma and taste a bit rough, the type and from Pilsen or Duisburg Monschau, high fermentation and pleasant to the palate is white beer Kölsch in Cologne, and the darker Alt, especially appreciated in Düsseldorf and the surrounding counties As a result of the Lower Rhine tradition born of the original establishments where you can feel the pulse of vital Rhine.

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