Real de San Vicente in Toledo

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Ermita de San Nicasio por em950486.

The origin of the name of The Royal is due to camp or “real” Alfonso VIII ordered in 1197 to assist Toledo Talavera or in the case of an attack by the Almohad, although there are other versions that point to an earlier era in which Alfonso VI uses “Real” for the capture of Toledo in 1080.

As population is not aware of its inception until 1400. In 1631 Villazgo got the privilege of breaking with the Village of Bayuela, head of Pajares, La Hinojosa, Nuno Gomez and Marrupe Garciotún. With this Letter of Villazgo could name their own mayors, manage their property, having territorial and fiscal independence of the village head.

Villazgo privileges were obtained by paying to the King, provided that the village head did not bring much to avoid that untied. It was not the case of El Real.
This town is situated between mountains in the foothills of the Sierra de San Vicente, at the foot of the peaks of Bear Head (1,101 m) and Canto Hituero (1,018 m).
The best way to get there is by the Highway NV to Exit Bayuela Castle. We take the CM-5002, and through Cardiel de los Montes, Castle Bayuela arrive to El Real de San Vicente. Also accessible by bus.

What to see?
Church of Santa Catalina (declared monument of cultural interest under the Law 16/1985 of 25 June on Spanish Historical Heritage) Building XVII-XVIII century, in baroque style. It consists of a nave divided into 5 bays by pillars attached. Inside are four polychrome wood sculptures of the eighteenth century, by Luis Salvador Carmona, among which stands out for its beauty, the Virgin of Sorrows.

Ermita de San Nicasio: From the twentieth century, is located in the park that receives the same name.

Windmills of La Tejea: They are on the Tejea Gorge. Pre-industrial architecture that were in use until the mid-twentieth century. Three of them have a small pond after storage. All from a single stone, except the fourth with two and also had two floors, the upper for housing and less like a mill.

The source Veneruelos (Monument included in the Heritage Inventory of Regional Interest of the Province of Toledo) Source-trough of the seventeenth century. Baroque style. Built of large stone blocks, with triangular pediment, tympanum smooth cross and crown.

The Fountain Bathrooms Powder: A few years ago it was a spa where you could take cold baths and hot water with medicinal properties qualifying for rheumatic diseases. Gunpowder name they gave it the smell given off by water. It became operational in mid-1900. It is currently closed.

It is worth walking through some streets in the town that still preserve the typical mountain architecture.

- February. Carnival Sunday. The soldiery.
- September 15: Our Lady of Sorrows.
- 24 November: Bonfires of the luminaire.

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