Qatar, the majestic

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Oil and luxury emanates all out in the emirate of Qatar. Perhaps that is why tourist access is restricted to visitors with a high purchasing power. Who can enjoy the sun, the beaches and the desert and stay in fine hotels.

Qatar is situated on the Gulf in the east end of the Arabian Peninsula, in the heart of the Middle East. Bordered on the south by Saudi Arabia. Its 11,000 m2 up a bit plain and desert habitable. Most of its half million inhabitants are located in coastal cities.

It is not easy to get a visa to visit this country, rich at the expense of black gold. After its independence from the United Kingdom in 1971 and the explosion of oil fever, the standard of living of its inhabitants rose to match that of the European powers. Most of the money comes from Qatar’s oil and natural gas.

Qatar is an Islamic state, most of the population practices the Muslim religion. Soaked merits of the customs and traditions of this belief at the time of visit. It’s worth knowing the culture so as not infractions that can lead to violent situations. Especially women, whose behaviors are very limited in this emirate. In fact, clothing and free movement in public spaces including a frequent problem for Western tourists. Numerous organizations defending human rights have been complaining about the situation of women in this country.

The climate is very dry and warm. Especially in summer when it becomes too oppressive if not remain in refrigerated spaces. It is very typical that tourists undertake safaris to the desert of Qatar. To do so, authorities recommend that companies hire accredited companies that equip their vehicles with air conditioning, positioning systems and water for passengers to enjoy the ride without risk.

The City Doha:
The largest city is the capital, Doha, a modern city, main port and economic center of Qatar. Hence the commercial frenzy that shows their streets, many of whose names come from ancient tribal families who settled there in 1971, just like neighborhoods. By managing this town’s going to export 85 million barrels of oil per year.
Tourist Attractions Qatar:
The tourist attractions are almost all related to entertainment, shopping and sports. Apart from a visit to the desert, swimming in the waters of Persian Gulf and take a few minutes of sun that warms the beaches, the tourism activity takes place at the hotel. Most of them have golf courses and access to navigation, jet skis or windsurfing.

The city has two museums. The most prominent of these is the Museum of Islamic Art, which displays some valuable items belonging to the beliefs of this religion.

But the tourist activity par excellence in Doha is to buy. The City Center Doha is reputed to be the largest shopping center in the Middle East. The most famous brands in the world are present in this majestic place, with several theaters, bowlings, ice skating rink and several restaurants and pubs.

Those wishing to enter can travel to Qatar Al Wakra, a city which is located a few kilometers from the capital. It is the museum that bears the same name of the metropolis, which stands at the foot of an old fortress from where the city was built. Messaieed up the industrial center.

Located 45 kilometers from Doha, has an important trading port from which exported large amounts of oil. The city of Al Khor is located midway between the capital, but to the east. It has several beaches and great fishing. A tower that represents the historical past of this population and several mosques with interesting architecture adorn the city.

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