Pyrenees of Spain and France

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Pyrenees of Spain and France

The Pyrenees, or the Pyrenees and its inhabitants prefer to call referring to a part or region thereof (Catalan: Pirineus; French: Pyrénées; Gascon: Pirenèus; Aragonese: Perinés; Euskara: Pirinioak or Auñamendiak) are a mountain range located at north of the Iberian Peninsula between Spain and France.

It stretches over 415 km from the Mediterranean Sea (Cape Creus) in the east to the Cantabrian Sea (Cape Higuer) west.

At its core has a width of about 150 km.

In everyday language the word applies to the whole Pyrenean high mountains of Hispanic-French border.

On the northern slopes in France, runs through the regions of Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees Roussillon. In the southern slope, in Spain, pass through Navarre, Aragon and Catalonia. The small state of Andorra is located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France in the Pyrenees.

These mountains are home to peaks over 3,000 meters as the Aneto (3,404 m), Posets (3,375 m), Monte Perdido (3,355 m) and Vignemale (3,298 m), small glaciers, lakes and glacial cirques , and a large number of valleys and canyons.

The Pyrenean chain and sister hugging a bunch of lands, languages and cultures. And although this differential may seem insurmountable, there is only one culture and one country in the Pyrenees, which bind all men and women living in the valleys at the foot of the great mountains.

Aragonese Pyrenees

The Aragonese Pyrenees is the purest manifestation of the Ice Age that gave rise to this range, is an area of large glaciers, beautiful forests and green meadows, lakes, countless rivers and streams of high peaks and huge masses of granite .

Catalan Pyrenees

Cradle of culture and space persistence of old customs and traditions, the Pyrenees are the ideal destination to relax and quietly enjoy the essence of a land still true.

Navarrese Pyrenees

With an area of over 2,000 km. square, nearly 100 of border with France and an extraordinary nature, has remained intact for centuries, the Pyrenees Navarro is offered as a unique option.


This country, located in the heart of the Pyrenees, leads the traveler to try to understand the relationship between man and nature, and try to interpret the signs specific to the environment, colors, noise, water…. In the end to unclog senses in order to deepen the true identity of the mountain, so unknown and so attractive at a time.

Good luck there!

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