Places to go traveling in Tirana

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Tirana is truly a crossroads between Western Europe and the former Russia, with a sprinkling of the Middle East has produced a triumph on its recently troubled past to emerge as a jewel of Eastern Europe. Its population has nearly doubled in the last eight years, and Tirana has reinvented itself to become a strong, vibrant and cosmopolitan city, worthy of exploration.

Places to go traveling in Tirana

Photography by azken_tximinoa

Tourist attractions in Tirana:

Skanderbeg Square:

The square is the cultural and social center of Tirana, this is an excellent place to see the daily life of the inhabitants of this city. The famous equestrian statue is located on the south side of the square.

Skanderbeg square

Photography by martijn.munneke

Central Market:

The market has a haven of gourmet foods, which captures the spirit of the culture. Cheese, meat, fruits, honey and raki home can be found. A spectacular place to walk, chew food local and absorb the vitality of the Albanian lifestyle.

Clock Tower:

The tower is the symbol of Tirana and is very well lit at night. You can climb stairs
for a great view of the bustling life below the plaza.

Et’hem Bey Mosque:

This small and elegant mosque is one of the oldest buildings remaining in Tirana. Many of the various religious shrines were destroyed in the campaign and manifestations of atheism in the late 1960s.


Photography by Predrag_Bubalo

National Museum of History D’Arca:

It is the largest museum in Albania where he has many of the treasures of the country. There is a gallery on the top floor dedicated to the severe hardships of the communist era.

International Cultural Center:

Popularly known as the pyramid, the museum opened its doors in 1988, was a tribute to the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, when she arose. After the regime collapsed, the monument became a club and conference center. It is no longer an officer of the museum, but worth a look.

Getting around:

RINAS Airport 26 km northwest of the city, serves the city constantly. The only public transport to and from the airport is a bus service for airport employees. But a taxi is the best way to get to and from the airport. Be sure to attach a price before entering the taxi. As data will say that 20 euros is the average price of a taxi from the airport to downtown.

Public Transportation:

Buses in Tirana can be confusing. This is best to check the bus schedule to various destinations in Albania once it reaches the city. Other services including buses and mini-vans called “furgons” coming out of a destination once they are full of passengers. Taxis are scattered throughout the city.

Shopping and souvenirs in Tirana:

Tourism is expanding in Tirana, and luxury stores have begun to proliferate in order to compete with other tourist destinations elegant. For the pottery, jewelry, souvenirs and such, will have to go to the area Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta. Univers Mall, is a spectacular new shopping center is located just west of downtown. His 13.6 thousand meters square, makes it one of the Balkan countries with the largest shopping malls.
The Central Market is a place for shopping but also in turn, is a haven for gourmet meals, which captures the spirit of culture.

Good trip to Tirana!

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