Piriápolis, magical, golden city of Uruguay

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Uruguay - Piriápolis

Less than an hour by car from the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, heading east, stands, surrounded by hills, a town charm in the eyes of those who first discovered. A nineteenth-century visionary, Francisco Piria, the invented and named as his particular Resort of the Future. This is Piriápolis in the department of Maldonado, a city whose streets were structured under the mysteries of Kabbalah and the mysteries of alchemy and has dashed to become one of the esoteric tourism destinations worldwide. But other tourism, leisure and services, which gives well-deserved reputation of this metropolis thanks to its spas, the quality of its beaches or the mystique that flows through every corner?.

The city has its axis around the Rambla de los Argentinos, a coastal avenue that takes its name from the major customers of the hotels owned by the founder of the metropolis. Geared towards tourism, Piriápolis enhances its natural and effective causes elements of attraction and leisure. It has a wide selection of hotels and casinos, and how an active nightlife in the summer. A bird’s eye view, the streets of this city Uruguayan draw the constellation Aquarius. Just across the promenade will reach the Hotel Argentino, building codes hidden in its structure, stained glass and stays in the style of Gothic cathedrals. We are against it was in 1930 the most luxurious hotel establishment in South America, as many locals say.

Piriápolis, magical, golden city of Uruguay

Photography by Peter Shanks  

The most emblematic buildings Piriápolis contain coded messages and codes to discover. This is the case Piria Castle, nestled between bridges, forests and farms that can be reached after crossing the so-called Route 37 and enjoy the journey of contemplation of the hills of the Souls and Sugar Loaf, the third highest of country. Before entering the fortress, on its facade, you can see four Beaussant, or what is the same, the standard of the ancient and mysterious military order of the Templars who fought in the Holy Land during the Middle Ages, they fly in four towers that surround it. Inside the castle are also visible several crosses pate. Suddenly, doubts arise: the Templars came to America before Columbus Piria or maybe it was during his stay in Europe, who returned with the secrets of how to transform base metals into gold?

Back on Route 37, the visitor encounters face to face with Piria Church, located in what would be the center of the city, according to the design of this modern Jules Verne. In his evocative facade features a rosette of eight petals that allude to Rosa Cruz, another symbol of alchemy. Near here begins a mystical path for pilgrims. There are several proposals for Piria stops to feel the energies of thought referred to as Heliopolis (Sun City), which is where the phoenix is reborn, according to the ethical alchemy. The municipal park La Cascada is undoubtedly one of the most attractive spots. It is reached via Route 3, after crossing the bridge from Artigas Avenue. There, surrounded by forest is a small waterfall that gives its name to the park, a waterfall of five meters.

Castle Piria

Photography by dbertua

In the Cerro del Toro stands the source of the same name. It is a bronze sculpture of three tons size brought from Paris by Piria. From the top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the resort. Some tourists choose to start your journey in Piriápolis starting from the image of Stella Maris (Our Lady of the fishermen), located on the hillside overlooking the bay. If you look back takes the figure of Jesus Christ. The third Piria sources, that of Venus, stands to be an exact replica of the existing Greek temple in the famous Villa Paravicini, Italy, or another like it in Paris (France).

Good luck in Piriápolis!

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