Philadelphia, birthplace of American independence

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Philadelphia, now almost pass for his city geographic location, keep in your heart that one day the key took thirteen colonies founded by the British to gain independence from France, United Kingdom. This place was so important to the July 4, 1776 in a building that even today you can visit in this city: the Philadelphia Independence Hall (Independence Hall).

Philadelphia Independence Hall
But we are on the sides. Begin by noting that Philadelphia is a city orderly, geometric, as the streets seem to millimeter measures. Moreover, we distinguish the small old town full of history and the rest of the natural growth of any modern city.

Located in the state of Pennsylvania, is, according to statistics, the fifth in the list of most populous cities in the USA and one of the oldest having been founded in the year 1681. Very well communicated with the rest of American States, there are daily flights from New York or Chicago, Philadelphia is especially perfect for walking, although it must be said, with a public transport service organized.

View of Philadelphia
City shows and parades, go to the station that you can enjoy special celebrations. For example, if the visits in mid-March you will have the most significant event of the floral world, the Philadelphia Flower Show, where the most important designers of the sector conducted by beautiful flowers and stunning scenery.

Philadelphia Flower Show
On the other hand there is the The Book and the Cook Festival and Fair in late March, where fair come to light the most delicious culinary demonstrations at the hands of professionals in collaboration with the most popular restaurants in the city.

However, if you go in the first days of July, (best since late June) to celebrate with them in the middle of Independence fabulous fashion shows, concerts and fireworks. It’s called the Sunoco Welcome America!. If you take the Christmas holiday so you can see is the Philadelphia’s Holiday Festival last week of the year, full of lights, colors and many shopping and New Year’s Day Mummers Parade, the date January 1, where you’ll be amazed at the colorful parade costume.

Walking around Philadelphia
Among the places not to be missed in this city is the Liberty Bell, which serves as a starting point for this journey into the past of USA’s Independence Hall, where he drafted the first Constitution and, as mentioned, the Independence was signed, the Betsy Ross House, where you sewed the first flag, (of course itself was Betsy Ross), the Masonic Temple, style between Gothic and Arabic, the House of Edgar Alan Poe, where our imaginations fly, the Mint, whose visit has to be requested in advance, among others.

Betsy Ross House

Liberty Bell

In Philadelphia you will never bored, day or night. Day, and if you love shopping, you can walk the streets you will find all types of businesses. Incidentally, here the prices of both clothing and footwear are exempt from taxes.

Liberty Bell And Independence Hall

To not eat very well find it difficult prestigious restaurants abound and the supply is mixed. (They say when things will come in which is found in the “Old City”).

As for the nights, they vibrate to the beat of premises and sites where you can enjoy fashion without problems. The performances of music and movies completing an offer where there is something for everyone.

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