Park Tayrona in Colombia

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Tayrona National Park, Colombia by Swiss Chica.

Luxury huts, hammocks, Indian ruins and jungle. Tayrona Park promises variety but, ultimately, what matters is its incomparable beaches. Postcards turned into reality with reason, are always mentioned among the best in the world. There was once white sand beaches and transparent waters were only hippies. All the infrastructure was reduced to a bar, selling beer Aguila and noodles and Marlboro cigarettes, to house, had a couple of beds, some tents and hammocks where dozens of backpackers sleeping under palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. It was the Parque Tayrona.

Walks in the park:

The first leg of tour is under a roof of trees and a neighborhood that when your feet are wet, five minutes of walking, does not regret having paid $ 10 for a horse.

Beyond the Reef The picture becomes suggestive continues under coconut trees and mangroves through only interrupted by water beaches that seem colored by Photoshop. The postal world becomes, giving every reason to readers of this magazine last December left Tayrona in second place in the ranking of the best beaches in the world (after Playa del Carmen) and the British newspaper The Guardian, also yielded to the beaches of this park the second place among the best in the world (after the Cies Islands, Spain).

Tayrona National Park by arigerdes.

Needless to say that the urge to jump into the water are irresistible, but the guide says singer is still much left to Pueblito. The trail bridges and rocks along the sea to Cabo San Juan.

Created in 1964, the Tayrona National Park, was until the late 70′s the farm that supplied marijuana to the United States. The myth says that almost the entire Woodstock marijuana out of here and the gringos who came half park is smoked.

The way back is downhill, an issue that is appreciated, but at night the knees recall the effort of trekking is not recommended for children or people who never exercise.

The sun sets early in this region of Colombia and five in the afternoon is time to shake off the sand and leave. The tide is high and there is no more to put their feet into the water to reach Reef, the accommodation area near Canaveral is a favorite among Argentine and Chilean average budget who visit the park. The best time of year here is between June and July.

Buses from Riohacha to Santa Marta and Barranquilla every 30 minutes and is the company that manages Expreso Brasilia. The trip takes about two hours. If you ask the driver, we leave the park entrance.

Tayrona-4 by Nicky Hartnell.

The landscape changes so much during the journey from the desert of La Guajira peninsula in the far north to Santa Marta mountains of lush green vegetation.

Discover the charm of Park Tayrona in Colombia!

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