Paradise Florianopolis

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Florianopolis is really become a paradise island, this extension will Bombinhas Rosa is visited by people looking for amazing beaches.

Attractions in Florianopolis:

Porto Belo
This is a small development located 12 km north of Bombinhas. It has awesome beaches such as Caixa d-Aco and Estaleiro. The latter can be accessed only on foot, which is enclosed between rocky hills. This site is really a place where peace reigns, along with water and clear sand.
For the evening you can have in mind do Estaleiro Refuge, which is the end of the road. There are only 14 rooms. You do not have access to the sea but has an infinity pool that continues in the Atlantic. While enjoying just want to stay in the lounge chairs is good also a salad lunch at the bar.

The beaches of Paradise Florianopolis

The Cabanas do Araçá are more accessible if we refer to the economic side, they also have more capacity. The two new very large, modern and perhaps a little more expensive. But when one goes out to the terraces have a sea view that is unmatched.

Porto Belo and schooner rides on the Porto dos Piratas are two trips for those seeking a little action in false include music buccaneers and pretty strong. If you’re more relaxed, we suggest a drink at the floating bars of AraC.

Its main street, Manoel Jose Dos Santos is always populated with people coming and going. Nevertheless it remains attractive to buy a dress in one of its lojas or enjoy a juice or coffee Baiuca.

If you plan to walk along the beaches, you’d better do it by car. You can see the islands of Arvoredo, Macuco, Deserta and Wales. Tainha is a beach that is located within a hundred yards, is enclosed by rocks and is about 11km from Bombinhas, spending long Mariscal after making a last stretch of land.

Zimbra is the prettiest, a wide bay with a sea rather than relaxed and always damp sand where there are good fishmongers, so it is impossible to leave without buying some power then grilled shrimp grilled. If you have no desire to cook, but eating a good fish, do not hesitate to go through Water Cress, a very good restaurant in that specialty.

With less than 60 km long by about 20 km wide. The site combines the most unusual things, is a mix of mansions, beaches, history … that is very attractive.  In large estates join Canasvieiras with Portuguese villages of Santo Antonio de Lisboa Ribeiro da Ilha. This city occupies a good place in the ranking of the best quality of life and offers a sophisticated blend of the wild, making it a very popular place for tourists from around the world.

All tourists pass through the Avenida das Rendeiras around the Lagoa or into market, particularly in the Box 32, meeting point very well known.  For podes alijarte in this area choose to rent housing on a daily or seasonal basis. Despite this in the city have also grown considerably services.

Lagoa por carvalhar.

Praia do Rosa
This is a small village of surfers who were able to share with fishermen and quickly became a chic haven. Forget about finding asphalt through this area, but a very good decoration, and rich gourmet kitchen is a must. Between June and December the whales wander over here to continue after his trip to the Peninsula Valdes.

In Praia do Rosa is not very easy to find inexpensive lodging, but very good services.

Porto Alegre
Porto Alegre is the capital of Rio Grande do Sul. If you plan to visit and live like a king or a queen do not hesitate to go to the Sheraton.  Here you can find cute little bars, coffees and places to spend a good time. Do not miss sanduiches Voador, Barbarella and The Sweeties. This city has a good cultural life. In summer concerts are often organized good outdoors.

Paradise Florianopolis

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