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Ciutadella Park por Juan Pablo Mantilla.

The city of Pamplona is the capital of the Autonomous Community of Navarra (Spain), as well as the center of the basin of Pamplona. This town was founded in 74 BC by the Roman general Pompey on the basis of a settlement that already existed and had the name or bengod Iruña in which you can find hotels in Pamplona curious. During the middle ages it was the capital of the Kingdom of Pamplona and then the Kingdom of Navarre, and therefore it is the historic capital of Euskal Herria.

This territory expands to both sides of the river Arga. It refers to financial and commercial center of Navarre, together with the administrative center. Works as a core of industrial activity, being the most important industry in the automotive industry, as the Volkswagen plant, wind energy, as is the case of companies Gamesa, Acciona, M. Torres and Iberdrola, also building materials, metallurgy, paper and printing and processed meat. The second economic activities in the community are teaching and health.

Parks to visit:

Antoniutti Park, can be found through the Portal de San Nicolas, this is a very wooded green space, which has a skating rink and a skate circuit, so it is not unusual to see this area filled with young to enjoy these elements. Here is also contemporary sculpture with the work of José Ramón Anda Polyphemus. This park has continuity with that of Larraina, and its walls are seen extraordinary views over the Arga.

The Parc de la Ciutadella, is one of the most important defensive fortifications that form the Renaissance military architecture in Europe. The story goes that Philip II had built in the año1571 to face the French invasions. At present, it is a small quiet park with trees and grass, where sculptures stand edge. Another is the Tour of the Castle Park is the largest in the city. Keep a British line, which includes large green fields, woodlands and trails for walking, which can be walking or playing sports. It was built on the glacis of the Citadel, which was the land surrounding the building, with a slight slope towards the ditches and where it was forbidden to build. Here you can find also a sample of contemporary sculpture, including works by Alberto Eslava, Faustino Aizkorbe, Alfredo Sada.

Taconera Park, is the classic French romantic park which was built on a bastion of the wall. It is the oldest of the city, which finds its origins in 1830. It has a zoo with deer, goats, ducks, swans, rabbits and peacocks as part of freedom. The woodland is varied and exotic, with some of the ancient species. It boasts a spectacular example of Sófora Japonica is the Viennese Café, with an extensive menu of coffees and teas. Among the sculptures stand the famous White Mari (XVIII), the monument to the tenor Gayarre, San Nicolas Portal (1666) or the Gothic arches of Theobald II.

Parque de la Taconera, Pamplona por Eneko Alonso.

Park Media Luna, romantic design has a crescent shape, there are fountains, fish pond, a skating rink and a traditional coffee. As for the trees, there are 40 tree species, including several Sequoias, which is one of the tallest trees in the world. Throughout the visit you can find several memorials, including dedicated to the violinist Pablo Sarasate Navarra or Sancho the Great, king of Pamplona. At the foot of the walls, extending the park Tejería, leading to the medieval bridge of La Magdalena.

Yamaguchi Park, is the result of good relations between the twin cities Pamplona and Yamaguchi. It is an oriental park, with landscaping Nipponese. It’s a big green area with ornamental characteristic of Japanese culture, a great geyser, a palafitte bridge and a pond with waterfall and several bushes and trees Nipponese. It refers to the commemoration of the 4 seasons. Inside lies the Pamplona Planetarium, this has different schedules and exhibition spaces.


Good Travel in Pamplona Parks!

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