Ocho Rios, the area of Paradise

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Ocho Rios is one such area in the Western imagination equates to paradise: tropical in nature but harmless, endless beaches of fine coral sand, palm trees shade … And in recent years a diverse network of tourist services of all kinds lovingly caring for the foreign tourist.

The weather here does not suffer strong fluctuations. For most of the year has a temperature about 25 degrees, but during July and August the heat more note. The coolest month is February, with the thermometer more pleasant night Caribbean down to 15 degrees. The sea temperature is also warm, but cannot be said of the falls of the river Dunn, one of the main natural attractions of Ocho Rios.

Places not to be missed:
Dunn River, is formed in the upper Blue Mountains that dominate the center of the island and is flowing towards the north coast of Jamaica between intense green forests that are home to a unique fauna and flora in the world. Finally, Dunn falls from a height of 183 meters almost to the same level. The place is extraordinarily beautiful and the relief created by the river can dive into pools and transparent waters surrounded by a thick jungle.

Just south of Ocho Rios, lies a region of rolling hills and land under cultivation. There is the Coyaba River Garden and Museum, a private property where it grows through a lush tropical garden by the river Coyaba. The site, in addition to a vegetarian restaurant, a collection of tropical flowers and even a recording studio, has a small but interesting museum with archaeological remains that allow a glimpse of the history of Jamaica.

Such gardens were also plentiful restaurants are numerous in the region of Ocho Rios. Thus, Shaw Park Gardens, Barranca-fern, Gardens Caring, Hope Plantation, Plantation Hall, brimmed and Ensenada Chukkan exploit the spectacular nature of this part of the island to create environments designed to let the time slowly.

West of the town of Ocho Rios Oracabessa is the stage where they filmed some scenes in the movie Golden Eye (James Bond film). The beach town is totally geared to tourists: there are barbecue, bar and restaurant, rented horses and windsurf boards, and even can take a ride in a helicopter.

Ocho Rios is the second destination of the island and as such has an extensive range of hotels (including the largest of the island, with over 700 rooms) and beaches are equipped with everything needed to make live an unforgettable experience to visitors. Here you can find hotels specially designed for families where the troubled parents can enjoy without remorse of a piña colada in a layered bar with open bar while the children are cared for by the characters of Sesame Street. Everything else is on top: sauna, gym, pool, disco …

Local culture and crafts:
Another destination of interest in the area is Harmny Hall, a nineteenth century mansion restored and empowered to receive one of the finest galleries in Jamaica. Among its permanent exhibition highlights the movement from intuitive to sink the roots of his inspiration in the primitive art of the island. It is also the place to buy Jamaican crafts.

Ochi, as the locals call this town of 10,500 inhabitants, also has an interesting cultural program, starring the Jazz Festival Ocho Rios, which has become, with its fifteen editions, one of the most famous musical events of all the Caribbean.

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  1. Andy Says:

    Jamaica is a fantastic place to visit and there are some lovely properties to stay in. Thank you for the images yoy have added they make me want to go back again!!

  2. Jamaica, to the rhythm of Reggae Says:

    [...] It is located west of Jamaica and is a paradise destination. Beautiful landscapes in the form of white sandy beaches and a length of 11 kilometers. They just [...]

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