Niza, the capital of the Riviera (Part II)

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For those who want to spice up your trip to Niza with a bit of culture, it’s good to know that in the city museums are not lacking. In its permanent collection, including a majority of authors unknown to the uninitiated, the museum displays works by Keith Haring, Lucio Fontana, Robert Rauschenberg, Andy Warhol and Richard Serra. The terrace of the museum has a magnificent view.

An interesting proposal attempts to bridge the urban art and the route of the tramway, which is the main means of transport for much of the population.

The tram tour (which costs 1 euro ticket travel) is arranged 14 works by contemporary artists from around the world. Perhaps the most prominent, and photographed, is the interesting work of Catalan Jaime Plensa. The work, entitled “Conversation in Niza” is depicted in the heart of the city, the Place Massena. Seven statues made of polystyrene on two separate poles on the square an air of post-modern Buddhism. The entire play is best seen at night when the thinkers of Plensa glowing.

Niza-0005 por pacoveratf.

Also at night, after crossing the Place Massena, continue along the Avenue Jean Medecin, showing very active yet elegant. There Kersalé Yann’s works, covering the night sky with his “L’loves du bleu” a giant blue light installation using Morse code in their design. The avenue has a strange and austere atmosphere of festivity.

In the old city, which is very picturesque during the day, you can access the “wider space shooping Outdoor Riviera”, which highlights the Cours Saleya, a place where it is the famous flower market. At night, they are bars, restaurants and cafes that stand out in a city that has a more active nightlife than most French cities.

Besides being able to visit and join the renowned Carnival in Niza, in February, the city and its surrounding region offer hundreds of outings and walks. Check Niçoise the hills, visiting the Matisse Museum or a little further, Mercantour National Park, for lovers of nature.

The recommendations, always dangerous, hotels and hostels leave it to the specialized sites that are a little lower. The possibilities of accommodation in Niza are varied and the lesson of a place depends, as always, in our pocket. On the Internet, thanks to some reservation centers can be found very interesting offers, I’ve found

The Hotel All Seasons of the Old Port (Vieux Port) offers a room for a family with two children by the unprecedented price of 56 euros. In the case of shelters, the cheaper the Faoubourg Hostel Montmartre, near the Train Station, served by special “Pin Lady. The hostel, at 17 euros, although it is very well located, not suitable for fussy travelers. In the same building, is the backpackers hostel “Chez Patrick, which has much better paint and prestige. A little more expensive than the last.

With unanimous favorable comments, is the Saint Exupery Hostel, housed in a former convent of Carmelite sisters. The facilities, the environment and the breakfast will have world famous among travelers for low cost. The data in Annex Internet

So here we fly over the beautiful Niza, where they mix the Porch with bicycles, young people coming out of immigration for the racist National Front militants that has many followers in the city. A site that brings together culture, art, beach, green nature and urban beauty is worth a visit. Niza, the most Italian of French cities, the birthplace of Garibaldi Giussepe awaits us with a proposal to suit all tastes and budgets.

Good travel!

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  1. Zmurfu Says:

    I read both parts about Niza. Seems like a very nice place to relax but also for some photography at the sea side.

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