Nepal: Activities and destinations

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Nepal: Activities and destinations

If you plan a different trip, to a mysterious and ancient. We propose as a destination in Nepal, a country of small size, located in the middle of the most fabulous Asian mountains, a perfect place for trekking and mountaineering.

Nepal of Activities and destinations

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Adventure sports:

One of the most remarkable for adventure sports is the Annapurna Sanctuary, where you can find variety of routes for walking. Here we can see incredible mountain peaks and landscapes unique to the Himalayan glaciers. It is certainly a special route for experienced adventurers as their level of difficulty is high. Also we will have to walk at a height of 4,100 meters above sea level, which can be a bit risky for people who are not in perfect physical condition. So there are some agencies that offer guided trips of at least a week, camping in the open Are you up?

Activities and purchases:

We can also choose to visit the Kali Gandaki Valley in Annapurna, which poses a river of the same name as one of the largest in the country.

In Nepal, you will also calmer activities such as meditation and enjoy a yoga class in the middle of the mountains and by specialized gurus. Also in the hotels you can enjoy a natural treatment of Ayurveda, which will help keep body and soul in balance.

Finally let us inform you that in Nepal everything is very cheap so if you like shopping, you can buy in local markets various items as souvenirs, priced reasonably comfortable. Among the most popular shopping items found in clothing, carpets, jewelry and even collects water pipes.

Festival crowd, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu, Nepal

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If you travel to Nepal, of course you should not miss to taste the delicacies of its traditional cuisine, which is heavily influenced by other Asian cuisines such as Indian and Chinese.

As you know Nepal is a highly mountainous country presents valleys where they grow crops like rice, which accompanies most dishes.

It is important to know that curry is a spicy condiment often used to flavor food. So far, we realize that food is much like the Hindu.

It is worth mentioning also that Nepal, being a landlocked country to the ocean, its food does not enjoy the benefits of seafood at the fish most often scarce, and if you’re consuming it is really expensive. If you are lucky and find fish in the markets, the most common way of consuming it is dry.

As for the beans, it is important to mention that within the Nepalese culinary pride of place the lentils are cooked with vegetables.

One of the most popular dishes is precisely the lentil soup with rice is called Dahl Baht. If you’re backpacking and do not want to spend much on food is a good choice because it is an extremely cheap and tasty dish, very popular among people who decide to hiking and trekking.

We can also test the Tsampa, a food based on raw beans and ground, which is part of the power of Buddhist monks. It is also popular to eat pork, goat, chicken and even yak.

Nepal Adventure Travel

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Bon voyage!

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