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Two natural parks Font Roja and Mariola.

Font Roja Natural Park
The Carrascar de la Font Roja Natural Park is one of the best preserved nature areas in the Valencian territory. The natural landscape is specially outstanding there, a unique location where one can enjoy the vegetation of the mixed Mediterranean forest. Besides the natural heritage, there are other points of interest in the park, as the constructions of great architectural, and also ethnographic value: the icehouses or snow pits. In the l8th century the snow trade played an important role in the mountain counties, which propitiated the birth of the tce-cream industry. The six icehouses still to be found today in this natural park continue to bear witness to this business.
The existence of a well-preserved wood and different landscape areas in the park favour the presence of a rich and varied fauna: boars, genets, weasels, Wildcats, badgers… and ornithological, species such as the sparrow-hawk, the eagle or the goshawk, amongst others.

Mariola Natural Park
The Sierra de Mariola Natural Park is mainly known for its varied quantity of aromatic and medicinal plants. Mariola is one of the parts of Valencia where particularly significant environmental, landscape and Socio-cultural values all overlap.

Through its long history of occupation and human interaction the different uses made on the natural resources of the range have ended up shaping an outstanding mosaic of ecosystems and landscapes, which synthesize, like few territories in Valencia do, the basic characteristics and peculiarities of the Mediterranean mid-height mountain range, an aspect that has made the Sierra de Mariola a genuine sign of identity for the surrounding villages.

The surroundings of Alcoy offer many interesting excursions. The city lies close to the natural environment, so there is a greate variety of places in nature that could be visited on a walk from the city: la Vía Verde (Greenway), Barranc del Sint, Els Canalons, Racó de Sant Bonaventura, el Salt… which are admired by walkers and nature lovers.

Urban green areas: The center of the city has many green areas. Alongside large parks like el Romeral, zona nort, cantagallet and the newly opened green area by the banks of the Riqer river, there are countless squares and leisure areas in the different districs of alcoy. Specially remarkable is the glorieta, a Romantic-style garden in the very center of the city.

Natural park

Natural Mediterranean

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