Montserrat a unique landscape

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Barcelona - Montaña de Montserrat

The mountain of Montserrat is a symbol of Catalonia and a place, among other things, for hiking.

It was declared Natural Park in 1987 and the attractiveness of the landscape, it also has a religious appeal to the famous shrine of the Virgin of Montserrat (also called “Moreneta” by the Catalans).

It is a mountain of a very particular beauty and a symbol Catalan is located in downtown Cataluña. A of the things that stand out in the Monastery, in addition to the carvings of saints and virgins … Escolania is considered the oldest child conservatory of Europe and where are the children who sing in this spectacular chorus of voices.

The landscape of this mountain is noted for its strangely shaped rocks surrounded by spectacular vegetation. The mountain is located to the right margin of the Llobregat River and near the towns of Corbera and Monistrol.

El Llobregat

The geological formation of the Mountain Limestone has a very high which makes it very originate caves explored by cavers.

This emerged from the solid bottom of the sea in the Tertiary and its relief was at the mercy of wind, rain and frost into the mountains it is today.

The highest mountain massif is that of San Jeroni to 1236 meters. I advise you to go walking to the viewpoint of the same name, where you can see from the Pyrenees to the Mediterranean Sea.

There is a cog railway that takes you to the monastery and has its origins in the nineteenth century. Walk 5 km with a height of 550 meters from the Monistrol Vila to Montserrat. But the most spectacular way to reach Montserrat is “Aeri”, a cable car leaves the road from a Monistrol de Montserrat Abrera.


The massif of Montserrat is ideal for walking and you will find several well-marked routes of varying difficulty and, for example, GR 172, a route for more experienced walkers and passing Can Massan, the Monastery of Montserrat and Collbató. Practically all the interesting tour of this magical mountain. But for beginners or for families with children there are many small roads and trails suitable for everyone.

In Montserrat you can also practice climbing or enjoy the vast cultural offerings that are in the nearest town, the Caves of Salnitre Collbató, which are held throughout the year various cultural events or festivals Bruc Timbale of the month July.

Other parties are: The Feast of Panellet Marganell of which dates from 1707 and the Fair and Coca Mató Monistrol (coca is like a cake and a slew of curd).

Surely you enter this place by sight, but gradually fell in love all your senses.

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