Merry Christmas and New Year in other cultures

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Merry Christmas and New Year in other cultures

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2010 to all readers, we take to celebrate the new year in different locations.

The parting of the year and enter the New Year we celebrate with a trip abroad. It may be in Berlin during the festival celebrating San Silvestre Winterzauber the new year with a show of fireworks to ward off bad omens, people in front of the Brandenburg Gate, is a good excuse to enjoy the atmosphere in Berlin these dates engallandas and lit streets and enjoy its famous Christmas markets, is fighting the cold drinking mulled red wine and served with traditional biscuits and marzipan.

Paris lights more than ever to assert his pseudonym City of Light, The Year’s Eve party is on the street with grapes and lots of atmosphere, around the Eiffel Tower waiting for the chimes of its clock, the Champs Elysees are invaded by crowds with bottles of champagne, and eat dinner before the foie gras and roast turkey and dessert Galette des Rois with a figure hidden forcing invite whoever finds it.

People were kissing and hugging under the mistletoe.

In Italy, the Capodanno is celebrated dish of lentils to have prosperity, they pull the junk out the window to leave bad times behind the old year and become red underwear. In Rome at the Plaza of Spain, the Piazza del Popolo, Trevi Fountain or the Campo di Fiori, places with fire and concerts throughout the night, their product is the typical Christmas Panettone.

Merry Christmas

Lapland is a place of reference required at this time, they emphasize its northern lights, frozen lakes, riding a sleigh and reindeer stew try and visit the home of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

In New York and quite warm with a bottle to get the year going to the party in Times Square, where thousands gather to watch the ball falling second to second until it reaches the end, announcing the arrival of the new year.

In Rio de Janeiro in Reveillon attire is white and enjoy the spectacle of Copacabana, the biggest New Year party in the world with more than two million people, have to get wet in the sea and jump the waves.

Merry Christmas and New Year

In Japan is celebrated for 15 days, is known as Omisoka, 108 bells heard that wearing human negative values, take a soup with noodles and make requests of fortune at a Buddhist temple, drink sake and make gifts to the loved ones.

Held in Sydney in typical costume and picnics, rodeos and surf competitions for the New Year on the beach, pointing to the celebrations very noisy, whistle and play the horns of cars, slap and church bells for the New Year. Your Swag Man (Papa Noel) is accompanied by six kangaroos and distributes the gifts.

For foreigners in Spain the most typical is the Puerta del Sol where people gather to live the strokes live or celebrate the farewell of the year at special dinners are held at restaurants in the capital and the exclusive parties later.

Congratulations to all!

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