Meet and travel to Amsterdam

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With its characteristic canals surrounded by narrow houses typical of the architecture of the seventeenth century, Amsterdam is without doubt one of the most charming capital cities in Europe. Here you do your sightseeing trip by boat, the shops are small and to offer personal service and the cafes often have tables on the pavement, facing the canal. With a wealth of cultural and entertainment life difficult to overcome, Amsterdam is a large-scale capital but has retained the warmth and charm of a small town.

Meet and travel to Amsterdam

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Around Amsterdam:

One need only look at a map of the city shows that in the middle are almost as many canals as streets. While most streets look like alleys short and narrow the canals are much wider. For this reason, not many Amsterdam residents drive a car in the city. It is easier to travel by boat or tram.

Apart from this, bicycles are the most popular means of transport and practical Amsterdam, on the other hand, it is also an excellent city to enjoy a walk. Honestly, you can easily get lost in a place where the streets wind round like a spider web. Beautiful house facades, tulip sellers, street musicians and crowds of people to Amsterdam in a nutshell. Wandering aimlessly between the Central Station and Vondelpark is an entertainment in itself.

Amsterdam Tourism

Photography by David Silverline

In recent years, Amsterdam has increased the number of trendy restaurants and bars that have opened in other areas such as Jordaan and de Pijp, although in Leidseplein still the largest concentration of restaurants. The old image of the city is already far behind. Although it can buy and smoke cannabis in so-called “coffee shops”, the drug culture is not dominant. Today Amsterdam is more modern and cocktail lounges where the most popular plant is the rocket.

The Red Light District:

This is a place where the national mentality is extremely liberal and social. Here, everybody can be themselves and still fit in the place.

What to do and what to visit in Amsterdam?
Amsterdam has more than seven thousand buildings declared monuments and historical value, over fifty public and private museums. The cultural agenda is full every day and blooms during the summer with outdoor entertainment. The night of the city offers plenty of fun throughout the year. Here’s an exhaustive list of Amsterdam attractions.

Architecture of Amsterdam:
The fantastic architecture of the city is much better from a boat trip along the canals. Several museums of art and one of the modern galleries are the “more” in this elegant city and also offers a cultural high-quality soccer.

Ships in the channel:
Amsterdam has hundreds of canals and bridges connecting the islands that make up the city. Take a cruise with the typical boats with the glass roof and enjoy another perspective of the city. The boats depart continually during the day from Central Station, from Damrak and from Rijksmuseum. The tourist route is about 45 minutes. Other alternatives are the canal bus that has eleven stops close to museums and shopping streets or the museum ship that passes through all the museums.

Photography by Veronique Debord

Good trip to Amsterdam!

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