Magical Islands in the North Pacific

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Honolulu Harbor por msgsti217.

The islands in the northern Pacific Ocean, are wonderful and unforgettable experience for those tourists who have seen it. Today I present to the islands with magical charm in the north Pacific.


A journey through the archipelago of Hawaii is synonymous with surfing beaches, volcanoes and adventure travel. As the flower necklaces characteristic of the Hawaiian Islands, the archipelago of islands linked different colors and temperaments. Although more than 130 islands, the main ones are those of Oahu, whose capital is Honolulu, the Big Island of Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Niihau and Kahoolawe. In all, waves, beaches, forests and volcanoes to the beat of a live overpost dress shirts are shirts embedded with flowers and pineapple juice.

Leaving the airplane is in the Honolulu airport, greet visitors with natural flower necklaces threaded wrap orchids and delicate aroma to those who use them. But they are not free as in Fantasy Island. Here the artisan requires payment in exchange for the necklace.

Waikiki Beach:

The city is more American than expected. The fast food chains are mixed with pineapple juice can be taken on the famous Waikiki Beach, where it started the sport of surfing. The trick is to look at this beach to the sea, because when looking back towards the city buildings are wide, far from the ideal Hawaiian. Other options for finding the natural are renting bicycles to tour the center, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, swim with dolphins or go offshore to fish. When night falls, according to affordable options for each, you can eat in restaurants five stars, go see a show of local music or just go out and buy on the street coral necklaces rock-bottom prices.

Waikiki Sunset por shelly_tichy.

Beaches on Maui:

Arriving in Maui Hawaii appears a more native-like tourist dreams. Enough to traverse a jeep and a spirit of adventure. It is the second largest island of the archipelago and has two volcanoes as well as forest and, of course, white sand beaches and huge waves.

IMG_0132.JPG por Marisa and Josh.

Its capital Lahaina has a friendly, small-town character and its historic district can be viewed from bars and restaurants decorated as before until a whaling ship, which recalls the beginning of the city as a port dedicated to whaling, which can be watching today day between December and May when more than 1,000 copies go to Hawaii to have offspring. The ride is typical of the island to see the sunrise at the Haleakala volcano. To reach its peak travelers from around the world to see the sun bleed above the clouds. The early morning and the cold worth it: the show is wonderful. Some added adrenaline making the trip on horseback or bicycle, or sleeping in a bunker at the top.

Surfing is one of the stars of the island, but also golf and tennis, which can be played at exclusive resorts located on the beaches of Wailea, or diving in the small neighboring island of Molokini, a submerged volcano’s mouth with amazing underwater life. For those who want beach, some of the most beautiful are Mokapu, Polo Beach, Ullu Wailea Beach and the same.

A different alternative is to go through some of the pineapple plantations. Guided tours among the green, ready for tourists, the day ends in a shop where there from soaps and creams up Pineapple Fizz, that Hawaiians marketina as “pineapple champagne.

Secluded Waterfall – Island of Kauai:

Besides these two super-visited islands are six most populous in the archiélago. Kauai, nicknamed the “garden island” for its intense vegetation, is ideal for those wishing to do outdoor activities like kayaking under towering volcanoes. Another option is Hawaii’s largest island they call “the Big Island. Not only is much larger than the others continues to grow due to the constant flow of molten lava. She must travel golf lovers as it has 20 fields. The exotic activity: see overnight movement of the lava. Molokai for its part is warm and calm, ideal for those looking for simplicity and beauty, without traffic and with only 8,000 inhabitants. A sunset on this island is a symphony of roses on the water. Another option for peace is Lanai, with only 3,000 inhabitants and a few luxury resorts. Niihau and Kahoolawe are two smaller, two pieces of paradise in the Pacific.

Wailua Falls, Kauai por JeremyHall.

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