Los Angeles in the artistic and cultural

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Los Angeles in the artistic and cultural

Los Angeles is considered the world capital of cinema, as well as a thriving industrial center. Located on the shores of this Pacific Ocean in southern California, a coastal plain surrounded by mountain areas, most notably the mountains of Santa Monica and San Gabriel. It is characterized by its musical heritage and urban excitement and modernist culture.

Several views of the city of Los Angeles
The weather is dry and sunny with an average annual temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, the coldest month of 22.5 degrees and the warmest. Its population, the second largest in the United States, over 17 million people in the metropolitan area (including satellite neighborhoods). It also boasts a growing Latino population, many of them Mexican.

The city was founded in 1781 under the name of Our Lady Queen of Angels in the place where in 1771 the Franciscans had settled Mission San Gabriel. Until 1846, the land belonged to Mexico. Later was annexed by the United States during the war between the two countries. In the following years the city experienced rapid growth due mainly to the gold rush.

This city is the main industrial, financial, commercial and port of the American West. It is also one of the largest manufacturing centers in the country. Its chemical industry aerospace, steel, textile and automotive occupies prominent place in world production. It also has rich deposits of oil and major Refineries.

But what undoubtedly characterizes Los Angeles is the celluloid industry, being known as the Mecca of cinema thanks to Hollywood, producing TV series and movies most recognized in the world.

The music industry is also famous in this city, being the Capitol Records building, one of the icons of the city. Los Angeles has witnessed the growth of the genre such as jazz, were born here, Charles Mingus, Chico Hamilton, Eric Dolphy and Dexter Gordon.

Communities in Los Angeles includes many world-renowned theaters as thanks to the luxurious neighborhoods of Bel Air, Brentwood and Westwood and others such as the Central Business District, Century City, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Hollywood, Hancock Park and Koreatown .

Tourism is another activity that generates revenue to the region is its beautiful natural attractions like beaches surrounding districts in Santa Monica, Malibu and Long Beach are some examples. This city is a paradise for children who arrive there with his parents to visit the attractions that shows the place of entertainment called Disneyland (in honor of Walt Disney, the creator), located in Anaheim, 40 km. southeast of Los Angeles the most visited amusement park in the world.

Los Angeles in the artistic

Something that no doubt please the tourists, to enjoy sports that congregate in this city. Los Angeles Hostels the team of Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball, Los Angeles Kings National Hockey League and the Los Angeles Lakers National Basketball Association, which are presented in the great hall of the Staples Center, it can hold in a closed some 18,000 spectators.

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